Avant Technology - The Best-known and Distinguished Provider of DRAM Memory Modules and Flash Sub-assemblies

Associate with Avant Technology for any memory need: Avant Technology is a leading manufacturer and provider of DRAM memory modules and flash sub-assemblies. Avant memory solutions are known to fulfill various business and consumer needs. Avant Technology has decades of experience in producing quality modular products to the memory industry.

Although this company is based in Austin, Texas and manufactures all their products in the United States, they are a worldwide provider. They were founded in 1984 in Southern California before moving to Texas the same year and acquiring AMS (Austin Manufacturing Services) in 1996.

They then acquired Piiceon, which was a memory module distributor in 1998. The next year, they acquired Tanisys Technology and re-named it to Avant Technology. In the years to follow, they began membership with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), acquired US Technology, and acquired K-Byte.

Product categories in a brief:

Avant Technology has the following memory products:

  • Solid State Drives
-          The Avant SSD combines fast performance with high reliability. It is energy efficient and vibration free. -          SSD’s include the following:
  • Mobile 2.5
  • Mobile 1.8
  • Client 2.5
  • Client 1.8
  • MO 297
  • MO 300
  • Value 2.5
  • PCle X2
  • DDR3 Modules
-          ECC RDIMM -          UDIMM -          VLP DIMM -          SODIMM -          SORDIMM -          Mini DIMM -          VLP Mini DIMM
  • DDR2 Modules
-          UDIMM -          RDIMM -          VLP RDIMM -          SODIMM -          SOCDIMM -          FBDIMM -          Mini DIMM -          VLP Mini DIMM
  • DDR Modules
-          UDIMM -          ECC UPIMM -          RDIMM -          SODIMM -          ECC SODIMM
  • SDR Modules
-          UDIMM -          SODIMM -          ECC UDIMM -          ECC RDIMM
  • Legacy Modules
-          EDO -          FPM

Delivering services beyond your expectations:

Some value-added services that Avant offers are product developing, OEM manufacturing, testing and validation, account management and custom packaging. Avant has the capacity to produce a product from a customer concept to production in just one week.

They can produce custom high-density memory and storage solutions to match any performance and application requirements one many have. Avant offers contract manufacturing as well as custom, high volume, and turn-key memory services. In-line and off-line test equipment is used to verify the functionality of all their products being manufactured.

They are tested for compatibility of both Mac and PC systems and in customer-specific platforms. Avant customers receive personalized account management by Avant’s experienced sales representatives. They also make sure to offer speedy product delivery and factory-direct pricing. Lastly, Avant Technology can provide custom packaging, private labeling and laser etching for any customer need.

ASAP Semiconductor - The name that stands out:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website www.asap-memory.com, is a leading distributor of all Avant Technology products, specializing in their memory product line. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com and one of our experienced sales staff will be ready to assist you with your needs.


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