Buffalo Technology Provides a Watchful Eye

The duo of Buffalo Technology and EOS Digital Services have been providing state-of-the-art video surveillance systems that are revolutionizing the way airports track all the happenings on their grounds. This sort of technology is not exclusive to airports with everyday busy travelers—executive airports also have a high demand for the most modern way to monitor every action. Some of the areas that they need to keep tabs on at all times include: runways, hangars, terminals, and offices. An executive airport in Houston needed just that, so they contacted EOS to do the job, who turned to Buffalo Technology for support.

Eighteen high-definition IP surveillance cameras were installed in the airport, including two cameras that have dual day-and-night lenses in each hangar.

One of the specific uses for the high-tech surveillance system was to monitor all the activity that goes on in the hangars. This is crucial in determining liability should anything go wrong. The camera’s features include 180-degree high-resolution images and give the user the ability to pan and zoom from the console of a mobile device. This makes it easier to see who was working on the plane and who was near it.

The problem that EOS had to solve was finding a way to store such large amounts of video. They ended up choosing a 24-terabyte TeraStation 7120r Enterprise NAS solution. This system can go back as far as six months, is able to avoid problems with faulty discs, requires minimal updates, and is even able to function in the event of a power outage.

"The main thing we were looking for was a reliable piece of technology that could store video records. We'd looked at different storage solutions. In the end it was a function of cost-effectiveness, ease of use and reliability,” said EOS owner Ilan Saadia.

EOS has a history of success with their installations along with great customer service, so the choice was an easy one for the Houston airport. In fact, they were so satisfied that they immediately asked to have the same system set up at their Austin location. EOS and Buffalo Technologies are more than happy to give them a whole new way of seeing things.

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