Tom Coughlin wrote an article for Forbes talking about how the computing industry is changing. There was a Persistent Memory Summit in San Jose which was held by Storage Networking Industry Association who show chased the major push that is called the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative. Persistent Memory will be providing high performance solid state memory that can hold data longer than DRAM memory without even having to refresh the data on devices.

A lot of the current persistent memory have been using the NVMe protocol which also includes things such as DRAM/Flash and flash devices while using computer memory bus. This is also known as the NVDIMM

It is common that NVDIMM can be used in traditional block based devices. Here is what Coughlin mentioned about this.

“NVDIMM’s can be used like traditional block based devices with access through the traditional I/O stack like traditional storage or treated like computer system memory using the Load/Store bus with direct access to stored bits. The figure below shows that the latter approach can lead to very low latencies.”

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As of March 2016, Samsung has started to send out their 15.36TB solid state drive (SSD) and has been tagged to cost an approximated 10,000. Although it is viewed as a high ranged piece it results to be cost efficient being sold for an approximate 63 cents per gigabyte compared to many other consumer SSD. Due to Samsung’s PM1633a SSD high performance and efficiency it isn’t necessarily marketed for the average gamer and computer geek but for a higher stature of capacity needing customer such as the enterprise class. The Gargantuan Samsung storage drive is twice as fast as the average consumer SSD is capable of,” read and write speeds up to 200,000 and 32,000 I/Os per second (IOPS), respectively, and it sports sequential read and write speeds up to 1200 Mbps.”

Not only is the Samsung solid state drive SSD 15.36TB a great attribute to a network and size efficient, its sister SSD released earlier this year the Samsung PM1633a SSD   size is astonishing. Stated to be the size of an adult palm and the sized to be used in today’s laptop. Although the Samsung 15.36TB isn’t a compatible laptop size it is Measured, “The height of SSD—O.6-in or 15mm—Is too thick to fit in the typical laptop. Laptop SSDs are typically 9mm, 7mm or 5mm in height (for ultrathin notebooks). The Sister PM1633a is fits twice as many drivers in a standard 19 – inch, 2U rack, opposed to a 3.5in. storage drive. With capability of writing 2-10 times as much data as an average SATA SSDs due to a planar multi-level cell (MLC) flash technology that it is equipped with. ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor in computer memory storage components. ASAP supplies full traceability with each part as requested. Our mission is to fur fill your request in a timely and efficient manner. For a better look at what we are able to supply visit our website at . For instant RFQs contact us via email at or call us at 714 705 4780.

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