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Supporting Multifarious Industries By Providing Reliable Memory Solutions: Centon Electronics is an American manufacturer, privately headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. Centon was founded in 1978 by Gene Miscione, who is the current President and CEO. As a multinational computer technology corporation, they develop, manufacture, sell, and support flash memory products and other computer connected memory products.

The company became the largest IC distributor in the nation before changing its business model to the design, supply and manufacturing of products.

Centon's DRAM and Flash Based Products:

Centon's core competency is their DRAM and Flash based products, including memory modules, flash cards, USB flash drives, and solid state drives (SSD).

  • DRAM
    • Random access memory. A type of memory element used to store information in a computer system.
  • Flash Cards
    • A small flash memory module. A non-volatile memory device that retains its data after the power is removed.

Centon's goal is to grow and increase its worldwide position as a manufacturer with its partners, incorporating the newest technologies into the company's product offerings, while continuing the highest possible standards that have kept Centon strong since 1978.

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July 10, 2019

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