Crossbar: Small Chip, Big Memory

Founded in 2010, Crossbar is a new startup company that develops a class of non-volatile resistive random-access memory (RRAM) technology. Although the company employs just over 20 people, Crossbar is the exclusive holder of resistive RAM patents from the University of Michigan. With over 100 unique patents, 30 of which are currently issued. Crossbar RRAM memory will be able to deliver up to a terabyte of memory capacity on a small single chip the size of a postal stamp.

Compared to the current best NAND Flash memory, Crossbar‘s RRAM write performance is 20 times faster, 20 times lower power consumption, and 10 times the endurance.

Resistive random access memory is a type of non-volatile random access computer memory that works by changing the resistance across a dielectric solid state material (memristor).

Only a few companies are developing this type of memory which is slowly gaining popularity is becoming the most likely to succeed current market standard memory products.

In comparison to current market Flash memory, RRAM is faster, bit-alterable, and is more energy efficient. This allows the modules use in both embedded and SSD uses on various platforms.

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