Flash Memory Recycling and Its Misuse

Flash memory is used broadly every day in all types of products memory products including mobile phones, cameras, computers and more! Flash is created to last for an extended amount of time especially for its diverse application methods there is a never-ending demand for it. However, there has been an increase in unauthorized resellers who are disposing of used chips in the flash and reselling the flash as a new product.  This can negatively impact the buyer because of the unethical approach to the dispensing method as well as the quality that is being compensated. To avoid situations of buying a falsely advertised flash, the engineers at the University of Alabama began to research a way to identify the possible usage of the flash memory.

Flash memory is composed of three parts which are the gate, drain, and source. The voltage makes its way on the control gate which moves the electrons to down the bottom oxide which fastens it inside the floating gate. The voltage needed is readily measurable with the stored charge.

The chips are removed by driving charge out the floating gate. The engineers found the alteration to the flash, affects the flash memory negatively due to the currents leaking through when it needs to be turned off. This also lowers the rate of the charge moving through the device, which slows down the flash, which takes a toll on the memory’s erase time.

Research that has been reported says IEEE International Symposium in Washington D.C., the engineer’s technique was able to decipher recycled flash memory with as little as three percent usage. Overall the effects of the research played to decipher which flash memory had a history of usage and the long-term effects of what used flash memory is.


February 22, 2017

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