Fujitsu Creating 1000x Boost DRAM Killer

On August 31, 2016 Lucas Mearian wrote an article for Computer World talking about how Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd has unveiled its new RAM that is 1000 times the performance of DRAM. Not only this, but Fujitsu also announced that the data is stored like the NAND flash memory.

This new type of ram is considered a nano ram or NRAM, which is based off of carbon nanotube technology.

In terms of production, Fujitsu Semiconductor plans to create a new type of memory module that uses custom embedded storage class with a DDR4 implementation. This new type of memory module will has a projected target date of 2018. With this memory the company plans to utilize this in order to expand its product line so that NRAM has the ability to stand alone as Fujitsu’s foundry, Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. Resellers will then use this and rebrand it.

Here is what Mearian has told viewers what Greg Schmergel, CEO of Nantero, has to say about Fujitsu. “Fujitsu plans to initially manufacture the NRAM using a 55-nanometer (nm) process, which refers to the size of the transistors used to store bits of data. At that size, the initial memory modules will only be able to store megabytes of data. However, the company also plans a next-generation 40nm-process NRAM version.”

Schmergel also talks about the DIMM manufacturer and the stand alone memory. "There are several others [fabricators] we are still working with, and one, for example, is focused on a 28nm process and that's a multi-gigabyte stand-alone memory product."

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January 14, 2019

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