NRAM’s Ship is Finally Here

The carbon nanotube memory’s ship has finally came. Nantero made the non volatile random access memory or NRAM which has way passed its sell date. It seems as this this type of technology was not competitive as it is coming almost close to a decade later than other company’s launch dates. Because this NRAM use nanotube groups that are deposited randomly within a space on a substrate as opposed to being individually place in very specific places within a space, MRAN is able to easily mass produce these products.

Nantero wasn’t in the best shape in the past, however things changed after a deal was made between Fujitsu and the company. Chris Spivey, the senior editor at BCC said that,

“Fujitsu announced that they see NRAM as having a natural place alongside their ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM).”

Here’s what Johnson wrote about what Takashi Eshita, the senior director of system recovery at Fujitsu told Spivey.

“…Although FRAM has excellent advantages, such as high speed, low power consumption, high endurance, and so on, shrinking its size is slightly difficult. NRAM has the potential to be ramped up to large memory capacities, so with that in mind, Fujitsu decided to boost its non-volatile memory lineup by starting to develop NRAM for large-scale memories.”


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