Altera Corporation is a manufacturer of programmable logic devices and reconfigurable complex digital circuits. Founded in 1983, Altera Corporation is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Their first PLD release was in 1984, which garnered much attention.

The company has since then expanded their product line into field-programmable gate arrays as well as complex programmable logic devices. Altera’s 2013 revenue was over $1.7 billion, pulling in $556.8 million net income.

Altera was the first company in the industry to offer 40-nm programmable logic devices in 2008. Their lines of 40-nm PLDs are the Stratix IV field-programmable gate arrays and HardCopy IV application-specific integrated circuit. Both of their devices have integrated transceiver capabilities. Altera has since then added two more FPGAs into their product line, the Stratix IV GT FPGAs, which have 11.3-Gbit/s transceivers, and the Arria II GX FPGAs, which come with 3.75-Gbit/s transceivers for cost- and power-sensitive applications.

In 2010, Altera introduced their 28-nm FPGA into the market, the Stratix V FPGA. The Stratix V FPGA was the second 28-nm FPGA introduced to the market, after Xilinx’s Kintex-7 FPGA. The Stratix V FPGA is available with transceivers at speeds going up to 28 Gbit/s. The Stratix V device family has over 1 million logic elements, with 1.6-Gbit/s low voltage differential signaling, up to 53 Mb of embedded memory, as well as up to 7 x72 DDR3 dual in-line memory modules, and up to 3,680 variable-precision digital signal processing blocks. These devices began shipping to consumers in mid-2011.

Altera’s Stratix V FPGA devices had unique features that Xilinx’s Kintex-7 FPGA does not include, such as their embedded HardCopy Blocks, which harden standard or logic-intensive applications. They increase integration and deliver twice the density without a cost penalty or power penalty. Altera made changing the core functionality on the fly possible and simple by developing a user friendly method for partial reconfiguration. Altera’s 28 nm FPGAs are aimed towards reducing power requirements to 200 mW per channel.

Altera’s largest competitor and rival is the founder of field-programmable gate array and current market-share leader, Xilinx. Their next closest competitor is Lattice Semiconductor, who represent less than 10 percent of the market. Actel (now Microsemi) and QuickLogic are other FPGA manufacturers, but do not pose a threat to Altera due to the fact that they sell to differentiated market segments that Altera does not address.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary site ASAP Memory, supports the entire spectrum of the Altera product line, providing backend support on spec sheets as well as providing the devices themselves. ASAP Memory also carries Xilinx products as well as Microsemi and Quicklogic devices. Contact us today at for a quote.

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Quantum Corporation

Founded in 1980, Quantum Corporation today is a leader in providing data protection and big data management products that are used for physical and cloud environments.

Quantum’s current product lines include the following: Disk Backup Systems, Tape Libraries, Cloud Services, Virtualization Backup Solutions, NDX NAS & RDX Disk Solutions, Big Data Management & Archiving, Stand- Alone Devices & Media, and Management & Security. The company offers a variety of solutions that are tailored to fit customer’s needs.

Quantum offers solutions for the following industries: small and medium businesses, media and entertainment, healthcare and life sciences, science and engineering, education, finance and government.

Some of the solutions include offering data protection, managing large data management in a variety of industries, reducing  backup costs and delivering  ROI, retaining data long term, backing up virtual servers, securing stored data,  offering data duplication and replication technology , offering the next object storage technology, offering cloud-based data protection solutions, and a few other solutions.

Their products vary in offering different usable capacities, having different input voltages, having different operating temperatures, and having variety of other specifications that meet customer’s stringent demands.

Whatever type of data storage systems you are looking for, Quantum Corporation likely has. They offer overall smaller units, virtual smaller machines and an overall better protection for your virtual environment, no matter how critical or complex it might be. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California and is publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol QTM.

If you have inquiries regarding any of Quantum’s Corporation products, such as disk-based data back and recovery, virtual and cloud protection, and any other products, we can assist you. Contact ASAP Memory, a proprietary purchasing resource of ASAP Semiconductor, today at 1-714-705-4780 or at and one of our knowledgeable sales associates will be ready to assist you.

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Digi International

About Digi International

Digi International was started in 1985 in Minnesota, but wasn't recognized as a corporation until 1989.  The same year, 1989, their shares were traded on NASDAQ under the symbol DGII.

Today Digi International is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, but has regional sale offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. They also have engineering locations throughout North America, Europe and India. The company specializes in offering the broadest range of wireless products, a cloud computing platform tailored for devices, and development services.

Digi International has helped improve health care by connecting over 500,000 critical devices. Their devices help build solutions that deliver network-connected device intelligence that will transform business process, improve efficiency and safety. They have also helped keep thousands of railroad miles safe by providing highly reliable, high speed, secure cellular connectivity solutions.

 Quality Products for your Applications

 Some of their product offering includes:

  • Modules
  • Microprocessors
  • Single-board computers
  • Satellite communications products
  • Development kits
  • Software

 Markets Served

The markets that their products are used in include energy (smart metering, demand response, alternative energy, and distribution automation), mobile assets (fleet, railroad, transit, digi m-Trak), medical and tank markets and many more. Their solutions are used by businesses to improve their customer service, generate their revenue, and lower their operations costs.

Source Digit International Product from ASAP Semiconductor

If you need any Digi International product, please feel free and contact ASAP Semiconductor today at or at 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Debuted in 2007, DDR3 SDRAM is an abbreviation for double data rate type synchronous dynamic random access memory. SDRAMs were introduced in the early 1990s to replace the traditional DRAM. SDRAMs helped computers became more powerful by allowing computers to synchronize the memory’s responses to control the inputs with the system bus.

This allowed computers to queue up the process while waiting for another process. SDRAMs replaced DRAMs by the end of the 1990s and were the memory standard in computer systems. With further development of computer systems, computers demanded faster and more efficient memory.

In 2000, DDR (double data rate) was introduced which was an improvement of the SDRAM. The new DDR SDRAM allowed computers to run at a lower clock rate, using less energy, and achieve faster speeds. In 2003, DDR2 was introduced allowing computers to run twice as fast as the original DDR.

The DDR3 SDRAM is a faster improved version of memory types DDR and DDR2, but a predecessor of the DDR4 synchronous dynamic random access memory. The DDR4 SDRAM is already in development, but will start appearing in consumer products around 2014.

The DDR3 type memory is used with a high bandwidth interface. Bandwidth interface is the measure of the range of frequencies. The DDR3 is an improved version of the DDR2-SDRAM because it offers reduced power consumption, a double pre-fetch buffer, and also offers more bandwidth because of the improved clock rate.

These components are designed according to their usage. The density, the width, the voltage, the clock rate, and the operating temperature vary among the rams. When choosing what type memory to purchase, it is best to verify that its speed matches that of your motherboard. Even though DDR3 SDRAM is the most commonly used type of memory, there are some components still using DDR2s.

Avail DD3 SDRAM at Best Deals from DD3 SDRAMs

At ASAP Semiconductor we are a distributor of different types DDR3 SDRAMs. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at or at (714) 705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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DT Research

DT Research – Experts in Developing Information Appliances

DT Research was founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley; U.S.A. DT Research develops and manufactures a variety of products. The markets they serve include education, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and finance. DT Research specializes in the development of information appliances including tablet devices and digital signage solutions. They have established relationships worldwide and their products and services are complemented by WebDT’s intuitive and web-enabled management software executed over both local and remote networks.

Current Product Line of DT Research

The current products and solutions they have include the following:

  • Digital Signage
  • Medical Computing System
  • Mobile Rugged Tablet
  • Handheld POS Terminal
  • Embedded Controller/System
  • Integrated LCD System
  • Software

Contact ASAP Semiconductor for DT Research Products

If you need any DTI Research products or any other brand under their name, please feel free to contact ASAP Semiconductor today at or at (714) 705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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PCB Memory

PCB Memory - The Main Storage Area of an Operating System: PCB memory, which stands for process control block memory, is the heart of an operating system. PCB memory, also known as task control block or switch frame, is the data structure that stores information about a process in a computer system. The process control block is the central storage of information. This storage area allows the operating system to locate and keep track of all the key information about the process. What Types of Data PCB Memory Manage? A process control block memory also manages computing resources and different types of data as well. This type of data includes:
  • Process identification data
  • Processor data
  • Process control data
  • CPU scheduling information
  • Program counter
  • I/O status information
  • Accounting information

In a computer system, PCB’s are very crucial to process management and performance monitoring. They keep track of the process when the CPU switches form one process to another. This type of memory is considered so important to the computer operating system that it is stored in an area of memory that is protected from access by normal users. Well-Known Manufacturers of PCB Memory: The biggest manufacturers within the electronic and computing industry that supply process control block memory include:
  • Canon
  • Cisco Memory
  • Molex
  • NCR Corporation
  • Motorola
  • NEC Corporation

Avail the Best from the Industry Known Distributor: ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of PCB’s and boasts a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. Through our proprietary website ASAP Memory, you can find inventory of Process Control Blocks that are used on a regular basis. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at or at (714) 705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Energy efficient Computing Solutions by Cybernet: Cybernet is the pathfinder in all-in-one computing technology. Cybernet's product lines contain All-in-One PCs in an LCD monitor and All-in-One PCs in a keyboard for most business use, and medical grade All-in-One PCs for the health care industry. Cybernet is the trusted source for all-in-one computers, since 1996 they have focused their design and manufacturing purpose on space saving IT solutions, customizing for unique environmental computing needs.

Serving Multifarious Industrial Sectors with Flawless Solutions: They design and manufacture all-in-one PCs for multiple industries: • Health care • Banking • Education • Government • Industrial & Automation • Enterprises & Business Cybernet resellers play a valuable role in their business model. Cybernet has formed a network with many critical distributors to help resellers find the best source for Cybernet products to fit their order quantity, budget and business model. Cybernet recommends any of the prominent national distributors shown. • CDW • INDRAM MICRO • SYNNEX CORPORATION • SENECA • INSIGHT • ZONES

Consistent and Reliable Products at Best Prices: Cybernet focuses on working with growing business that consistently uses their products. Cybernet excels in providing consistent quality, reliability, customization, and the best personalized support in the business. Cybernet Manufacturing processes support environmentally friendly solutions. Their solutions are: • Refurbishing of existing equipment • Energy efficient product • Product reusability Cybernet also recycles old PCs for free of charge. They are committed to manufacturing products that not only meet and exceed computing expectations but also conserve energy.

Source Cybernet Products from Distinguished Distributor: ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all Cybernet technology parts. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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CTS Corporation

CTS Corporation - The Company Growing at an Impressive Speed:

CTS Corporation first started as the Chicago Telephone Supply Company in 1896. The company was started by a father and son team, A.J and George A. Briggs that partnered with S.A. Buffington, a Chicago Lawyer. Buffington sold his part of the company within 1 year of opening the company. The company started off by manufacturing and selling telephones through a local supply house. What was a small company turned into a large workforce of 250 employees within only 6 years of its opening.

CTS Corporation has been able to grow because it has been able to adapt to the evolving markets such as expanding from only manufacturing telephones to manufacturing telephone switchboards. By 1910, the corporation had a variety of telephone models and also 20 different types of switchboards.

The company adapted to the public’s demand once again during the late 1940s when they began to manufacture a variable resistors and switches for the new television markets. With the introduction of the television to America, CTS Corporation was able to dramatically increase its sales by manufacturing variable resistor components for televisions.

Know about the Company’s Major Acquisitions: In 1960 the Chicago Telephone Supply Changed its name to CTS Corporation because they believed it was a better fit since manufacturing telephones was not their main focus. A milestone for the company was when they went public on June 4, 1962 on the New York Stock Exchange.

After going public, CTS Corporation made a few acquisitions that widen their horizons which include:

  • 1953: a manufacturer business in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada
  • 1980: a manufacturer business of connector and backplanes
  • 1990: the Component Products Division of Motorola, Inc.
  • 2008: Tusonix, Inc.

The acquisitions of CTS Corporation gave the corporation leadership in designing and manufacturing sensors and actuators, and electronic products for a variety of markets. Those markets include automotive, communications, medical, industrial, defense & aerospace, and computer.

ASAP Semiconductor Provides you CTS Corporation Products at Best Deals: If you need assistance locating CTS Corporation products, ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of all CTS Corporation products, with a competency in a vast array of other electronic interconnect components as well. If you have a requirement for any of the following products, contact us today and one of our sales staff at will be ready to assist you. Our comprehensive database is available 24/7 and is at your disposal to help meet all your needs.

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Video Servers

Video Server - "Host" of Video Broadcasting:

A video server is a device that is dedicated to delivering video for broadcasting purposes directly over an IP network, such as LAN and intranet. Video servers have also been called a "host", a video encoder and an IP video server.

Along with broadcasting video it performs storage recording and can transmit radio or TV channels. They have the ability to store hundreds of hours of compressed audio and video. They can also provide different codec, some of which include:

  • lossy
  • lossless
  • Pulse Code Modulation
  • Delta Modulation
  • Bitrate
  • AVI

Many Advantages of Video Servers:

They store data that includes Meta data and allows for fast searches of names, remarks, dates, time codes, etc. They at times include a genlock input device, which is used to synchronize other television pictures together. It is typically provided to avoid the need for time-based correction or Frame synchronizers.

They also allow for direct to disk recording in which analog signals, digital signals, and digital audio and digital video are digitally recorded to optical disk technologies like DVDs and CDs. They can also be recorded to hard drives and videotape. Video servers can transmit information on different interfaces such as SDI for digital video and XLR for balanced analog audio, AES/EBU digital audio (can carry over two channels) and also Time Code (a sequence of numeric codes generated by a timing synchronized system).

An IP-Surveillance system can conveniently be accessed remotely from any networked computer. Equipment such as pan, tilt and zoom devices can be remotely accessed as well.

A company that manufactures this kind of product is Axis Communications, a leader in network video and a driving force in the shift from analog to video solutions. They are Swedish company that focuses primarily on the video security, video surveillance, banking, education, government, industrial and other industries. They sell 1-port 4-port, 6-port and 16 port video servers.

Consider Partnering with ASAP Semiconductor:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all video server products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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C&K Components

C&K Components: The Best in the Industry with perfect Solutions:

C&K Components specializes in interface and switch technology as well as smart card and high reliability connector products.

List of C&K Components Rich Portfolio of Products:

Since its inception in 1957, C&K attracts customers with leading edge technology, C&K products include:

  • Low profile tactile switches
  • Navigation switches; spring finger, ultra-thin. TPA, one touch 5 way switching. RS and QS, rocker switch modules are installed into front panels, multi-function grips. TSW, 3 or 7 function tact and scroll wheel. CS, four way adjustable direction switch.
  • Detect switches; HDT, micro mini surface mount detect switch. SDP, micro miniature pendulum smt detect switch. SDS, sides actuated detects switches. DDS, micro mini thru-hole detect switch.
  • Pushbutton switches
  • Rotary
  • Key switches; K6, miniature key switch. K12, high performance key switch. PVA, short stroke key switch. PVB, lower profile SMT push switches. KS, single pole key switch.
  • Slide switches; 1000, AYZ, ES, GS, JS, JSM, JSX, OS, LP, L.
  • Toggle switches; toggle switches designed for military, aerospace and other high-reliability applications.
  • DIP; BD, standard profile switch. BPA, side actuated switch. CRD, 100MM DIP coded rotary switches. SD. Lower profile. SPA, single in-line package switch. TDA, ultra-miniarute surface mount half-pitch switch.
  • Illuminated switches
  • Sealed switches

The Company that Aims for a Complete Customer Satisfaction:

As an ISO 9001-registered company, C&K strives for unbroken customer enjoyment through continuous improvement and defect-free performance by means of a high percentage of automated assembly, ongoing training programs, internal audit teams, Six-Sigma design methodology, process capability analysis, statistical process control and supplier quality initiatives.

As the favored manufacturer of components for computers and peripherals, communication devices, consumer, industrial and appliance products, instrumentation and test equipment, and automotive products and assemblies, C&K services many companies and distributors worldwide. C&K has the three industry's leading suppliers: C&K Components of Newton MA, USA; the Rudolf Schadow Company of Berlin, Germany; and the Jeanrenaud switch company of Dole, France.

Know About the Distinguished Distributor of C&K Components:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all C&K Components. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at or at our toll free number 1-714-705-4780 and one of our experienced sales representatives will be ready to assist you.

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