PCB Memory - Know About its Significances in a Computer System

PCB Memory - The Main Storage Area of an Operating System: PCB memory, which stands for process control block memory, is the heart of an operating system. PCB memory, also known as task control block or switch frame, is the data structure that stores information about a process in a computer system. The process control block is the central storage of information. This storage area allows the operating system to locate and keep track of all the key information about the process. What Types of Data PCB Memory Manage? A process control block memory also manages computing resources and different types of data as well. This type of data includes:

  • Process identification data
  • Processor data
  • Process control data
  • CPU scheduling information
  • Program counter
  • I/O status information
  • Accounting information

In a computer system, PCB’s are very crucial to process management and performance monitoring. They keep track of the process when the CPU switches form one process to another. This type of memory is considered so important to the computer operating system that it is stored in an area of memory that is protected from access by normal users. Well-Known Manufacturers of PCB Memory: The biggest manufacturers within the electronic and computing industry that supply process control block memory include:
  • Canon
  • Cisco Memory
  • Molex
  • NCR Corporation
  • Motorola
  • NEC Corporation

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July 10, 2019

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