SanDisk Announces New SSD for Corporate Environments

On September 30, 2014, the flash memory storage solutions and software company, SanDisk, announced their new SSD product dubbed the SanDisk X300 SSD. Using the latest advancements of X3 technology, the new SSD card is designed to meet mainstream business productivity needs.

The SanDisk X300 SSD is the first of the company’s X-series drives to utilize SanDisk’s nCache 2.0 tiered caching architecture and three bit-per-cell technology. These new features will combine SLC and X3/TLC flash blocks which will improve durability, effectiveness, and performance to handle corporate workloads including applications, media creation, and financial transactions. Security is also a key feature in the new storage system and includes a state of the art error handling mechanism called DataGuard.

This security feature operates XOR recovery technology that implements an extra layer of data protection. Software is also included with the X300 SSD which provides management tools such as drive performance and health monitoring, TRIM, and firmware updates.

Embedded applications are included such as the Apricorn EZ Gig IV cloning software which will provide the ability to duplicate an old hard drive onto the new SanDisk X300 SSD series. This feature will eliminate the need to re-install operating systems, programs, and settings when updates or crashes occur.

SanDisk Corporation is an American flash memory storage solutions and software company. Founded in 1988, the company is now one of the largest memory producers in the world. With their products such as embedded flash drives, Solid State Drives, Flash Memory Cards, USB flash Drive, and Digital Audio players, being distributed worldwide, SanDisk has met over $6 Billion in yearly revenue and employs over 5,400 people.

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