SanDisk Launches Next-Generation PCIe Technology

More and more consumers are moving towards PCIe technology as server virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure, in-memory computing applications, and the need for real-time analytics increases. Over 7,000 customers have already received more than a quarter million PCIe application accelerators from just SanDisk.

The next generation of SanDisk’s Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators will deliver four times the performance improvement for the price, and up to 61 percent list price reduction over the previous Fusion ioDrive 2 products.

The Fusion ioMemory PCIe consist of SanDisk NAND flash and Virtual Storage Layer data access acceleration software. The cards are optimized for either mixed-use or read-intensive workloads. There are two times more database random read performance and two times more Petabytes written over the previous generations. The greatest benefit of the next-generation application accelerators is data center consolidation. The new cards speed up performance in SQL, NoSQL, Spark, and MongoDB database systems. In addition, they will reduce the amount of hardware needed, eliminating traditional hard drives resulting in data centers that can consolidate three times as much data.

Last summer, SanDisk acquired Fusion-io for $1.1 billion. The acquisition gave SanDisk traction in the fast growing market for enterprise flash storage solutions. The acquisition provided SanDisk 7,000 new customers the bought over 250,000 units. For read-intensive application like web hosting and data mining the SX350 and SX300 series cards are available with 1.3 TB to 6.4 TB of capacity. The top of the line 6.4 TB SX350 model has a random read and write speeds of 340,000 and 385,000 input/output operations per second. The next generation flash technology is expected to be available in systems from Dell, the Round Rock, and Texas-based server provider.

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