Seagate Launches 8GB External Drive for Raspberry Pi and Chromebooks

Agam Shah, wrote an article for PC World talking about Seagate’s newest 8TB external drive. Seagate’s 8TB storage will have capabilities to work with Raspberry Pi and Chromebooks. The name of Seagate’s product is called the Backup Plus Hub. The article was posted on June 22th 2016.

There will be multiple versions of the Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub which include versions that start from 4GB up to 8GB. As mentioned before, these will work with Raspberry Pi 3 and Chromebooks as well as operating systems such as Windows PC and Macs. Although Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi 3 does work with this, the chromebooks will have limited internal storage and the Raspberry Pi 3 will need an SD to operate and store files.

Since Raspberry Pi 3 is commonly used for media servers, Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub is optimal. The Raspberry Pi 3 can also be used as a TV.

Western Digital has their own back up external drive called the PiDrive, however the Seagate Backup Plus Hub completely dominates the PiDrive in terms of storage. Western Digital’s storage capacity tops out at 1 GB.

As to no surprise, the Backup Plus Hub can also acts as a hub. By using the USB 3.0 ports, the Backup Plus Hub can charge devices. These devices include iOS and Andriod mobile devices. In terms of pricing, the Backup Hub Plus 4TB will be sold in the US at $139.99, the 6GB at $199.99, and 8GB at $249.99.

The Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub is expected to hit the US markets in July of 2016.


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