Seagate Looking to Produce 30TB Laser Assisted Hard Drives

The American data storage company, Seagate Technology, has been increasing its investments into laser-assisted hard disk drive technology. By utilizing this new technology, Seagate hopes to bring into the market a new hard disk drive with a capacity five times that of their current large capacity hard drives. The new technology, known as heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) will be able to write and record smaller, steadier bits to the magnetic exterior of a disk.

HAMR integrates a semiconductor laser onto a hard drive recording transducer.

In addition to writing smaller bits, the laser can also write ones that are more difficult to be overwritten which will reduce overwrite errors. Applying this technology onto Seagate’s largest hard drive capacity of 6TB, the capacity could increase to an amount of 30TB. $55 Million has already been invested by Seagate into developing HAMR which is being developed in Northern Ireland.

Seagate’s first HAMR hard drives have an expected release year of 2016 with 20TB expected in 2020. Currently, the company is aiming at large Enterprise Data Centers as their target market with plans to eventually expand the HAMR Hard Drive to commercial laptops and computers.

Seagate Technology is currently one of the largest computer storage producers. Although their headquarters is in Cupertino, California, their products are sold worldwide. Having met over $14 Billion in yearly revenue with over 57,000 employees, Seagate was the first disk manufacturer to have shipped 2 Billion HDDs.

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