Seagate Rolls Out the Fastest SSD Ever

The company Seagate is becoming the king of speed in the world of drives which is growing very rapidly for either the actual drive performances or connectivity. This technology has focused a lot on increasing the speed. From the looks of it now Seagate is doing both for the industry, with harnessing a 16 lane PCIE and also a NVME, which can push 10 gigs of data per second into a drive.

IT is known by the company that it has been the fastest drive yet. The company’s most recent score on the drive has beat the last recorded by 4GB’s faster from the last time they tested it. The best thing yet from this new system is the unit also meets the Open Compute Project specification which allows data centers and enterprise applications. The traditional SSD’s found in almost all computers, are all limited to around 500 megabytes per second.

So NVMe drives at their full potential can be a lot faster than most PC’s almost reaching up to 1.5 megabytes. So this new device will hit the technology world sometime this summer but we still have no word on how much this will be costing in the technology world just yet.


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