The Transcend SSD Is Truly Transcendent

The Transcend SSD370S which retails for $320 is a premium solid-state drive (SSD) and is offered from the brand you trust. Transcend has been the leading manufacturer for solid-state memory and the storage business for the last twenty years.

The Transcend SSD370S which is offered in 1 terrabyte, contains all the bells and whistles you could want from a primary (C:) drive replacement and included is the accessories that have been left out of competing products.

Although virtually any SSD replacement will be faster when compared to your traditional spinning hard drive the Transcend SSD370S which is available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities is one of Transcend’s top selling models. And it wasn’t too long ago that you had to settle for a smaller capacity drive due to the cost however now with the Transcend SSD370S one could replace almost any size hard drive without compromising storage capacity or cost.

Transcend understands the daily issues consumers face with upgrading SSD for desktops due to the desktop-class drives being 3.5-inch compared to the 2.5-inch bays cases that SSDs typically require. To address that issue Transcend is offering an adapter bracket that will allow users to fit the SSD370S in a 3.5-inchy bay along with a strong SSD-monitoring utility software (SSD Scope) with disk-cloning functionality built right in. To top that off Transcend is offering the SSD370S with a three year warranty although this pales in comparison to other premium drives which typically offers five years of protection.

The Samsung SSD 850 Pro however takes the cake with its ten year warranty. In spite of the lower warranty, the Transcend SSD370S does offer DevSleep which is an ultra-low power mode designed to conserve battery power when your system is in idle.

When compared as a benchmark to other competing SSDs, the Transcend SSD370S is only middle of the road in terms of performance. It will still look like a speed demon in contrast to your old hard drive but the selling point is definitely its cost-effective utility. All in all your computer will still boot up in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.


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