Card Adapters Parts Catalog

Also called expansion card, in computing, is a printed circuit board which can be inserted into an electrical connector on a motherboard. This expansion card adds functionality to a computer system via the expansion bus. The expansion bus is a computer that transfers information between the internal hardware of a computer system and its peripheral devices. This is a collection of wires and protocols allowing for the expansion of a computer.

Manufacturer's List :

Part Numbers based on Part Type 'card adapters'

Part No Manufacturers Description Quantity RFQ
01-SSC-2887 DELL Available RFQ
MSAC-MMDS Sony Electronics Available RFQ
CB2EC Startech Available RFQ
SDDR6507 SanDisk Available RFQ
ADSAHDCF AddOn Computer Available RFQ
EC2CBU Startech Available RFQ
AD4IN1PCMCIA AddOn Computer Available RFQ
ADEXC34CB AddOn Computer Available RFQ
TS0MCF2PC Transcend Available RFQ
JJ-PC0112-S1 SIIG Available RFQ
MSACM2 Sony Electronics Available RFQ
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