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ASAP Semiconductor offers an onsite excess inventory management program (OEIMP) that enables you to ship your entire excess inventory to our warehouse to stock, market, and sell. We will sell and market the stock aggressively and will keep you informed weekly of all sales and marketing activities. This will help your company eliminate old and obsolete excess inventory while earning a higher return on the dollar. The OEIMP facilitates and expedites all sales transactions. Every month ASAP Semiconductor will send an itemized list and a check for all inventories that was sold that will correspond to the weekly reports that will were sent throughout the month. We guarantee complete traceability and accountability. There will be a 100% accurate audit trail.

We also offer a second alternative, which is an Off-site program (OEIMP 2) to help with the sale of excess electronic component inventory. You can keep the parts in-house and ship to us after we place a purchase order. All percentages of return on product are negotiable and are determined by the value of the product involved. All components that are consigned to us must have complete traceability to the manufacturer and pass level 3 testing from an independent authorized test house.

Lot Management

The lot buy program is a great option for all domestic contract manufacturers, and original equipment manufacturers that need to get rid of obsolete electronics. ASAP Semiconductor will give you an accurate response on your excess electronics components usually within 24 hours. We will bid on everything that has value, including new and obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, switches, relays, CPUs or hard drives. All parts must have traceability to the manufacturer. All parts must pass level 3 testing at an independent authorized test house.

Testing and Verification
  • Level One: Visual/Optical/X-Ray Inspection
  • Level Two: Level One + Materials Analysis
  • Level Three: Choice of Device chemical composition, Full Element analysis, RoHS Compliance, Group A electrical testing, or Solderability.

Component Tape and Reel

ASAP Semiconductor offers Tape and Reel services on a quick turnaround time. Contact us for any Component Tape and Reel Service custom tape and reeling requirements you have.

ASAP Semiconductor's Certifications and Memberships

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