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Cache - Memory Components Catalog

If you’re looking to find a specific part type based on its dram chip, see below to browse through a list of computer memory types and data storage devices. You’ll see that we have DL-320, WD2001FASS, DF615, DL360G4, JM80547PG1041M and other parts from reputable companies like Compaq, Western Digital, Intel Corporation, Hp, Ibm. As the leading supplier of major aviation, military and IT companies, we take care to stock new and obsolete parts that are certified and tested to full functionality. Browse through our computer memory parts catalog and you’ll see Cache along with items pertaining to Dl320 P3 1.00Ghz W/256 Cache, Wd Caviar Black Wd2001fass 2Tb 7.2K Rmp 64Mb Cache Sataiii/3Gbs. Weight 5.00 Lbs., - Xeon D/Core 7040 3.0Ghz 4Mb L2 Cache 667Mhz, Dl360 G4 2X3.4 2Mb 4Gb 6I Battery Backed Write Cache (Bbwc) 2 X, Processor 3.6Ghz P4 560 800Mhz/1Mb L2 Cache. Give us a call today and see how quickly we can supply you with parts.

Manufacturer's List of Cache

Part Number's List for Cache

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
DL-320 compaq dl320 p3 1.00ghz w/256 cache Available RFQ
WD2001FASS western digital wd caviar black wd2001fass 2tb 7.2k rmp 64mb cache sataiii/3gbs. weight 5.00 lbs. Available RFQ
DF615 intel corporation - xeon d/core 7040 3.0ghz 4mb l2 cache 667mhz Available RFQ
DL360G4 compaq dl360 g4 2x3.4 2mb 4gb 6i battery backed write cache (bbwc) 2 x Available RFQ
JM80547PG1041M intel corporation processor 3.6ghz p4 560 800mhz/1mb l2 cache Available RFQ
WD3200AAJS-00M0A0 western digital wd3200aajs00m0a0 wd blue 320gb 7200rpm 8m sata 3.5-inch cache hard drive weight 3.00 lbs. Available RFQ
662066-L21 hp new 662066l21 octa-core 8 core - 20 mb cache - 8 gt/s qpi 90 day warranty Available RFQ
SL8Q5 intel corporation new pentium 4 650 3.4ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache socket 775 processor 90 day warranty Available RFQ
F1708 western digital wd400 sata-150 40gb 7200rpm 2mb cache hard drive weight 2.00 lbs. Available RFQ
4320-702X ibm 4320702x 332mhz 2-way 604e3 processor 256kb l2 cache Available RFQ
JM80547PG0801MM intel corporation jm80547pg0801mm pentium-4 3ghz 800mhz lga-775 1mb cache processor Available RFQ
SL5V2 intel corporation new celeron 950mhz 100mhz 128kb cache 1.75v soc. 370-pin fc-p 90 day warranty Available RFQ
319535-001 compaq 319535001 battery backed write cache (bbwc) bracket Available RFQ
DKC-F210I209802-1 hitachi electronics dkcf210i2098021 6700/7700 additional cache platform board Available RFQ
100745-003 hp 100745003 proliant 5500r xeon 550 1mb cache 256mb ram lvd cage Available RFQ
SDX180HDK22GM amd new sempron 180 am3 2.4g 1mb chip total cache weight 0.08 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
71P8340 ibm new fru processor - 3.06ghz/533mhz - 512kb l2 cache - x345 / 867 90 day warranty Available RFQ
OSK246CMP5AU ibm amd opteron processor model 246 2.0ghz 1mb l2 cache kit Available RFQ
WD7500AADS-00M2B0 western digital new wd7500aads00m2b0 750gb sata hard drive 32mb cache lba 1465149168 dcm hhrchv2ma r/n 701 90 day warranty Available RFQ
A82385-33 intel corporation a8238533 82385-33 386 cpu cache controller Available RFQ
SLBGC intel corporation intel xeon w3505 2.53ghz 4.80gt/s qpi 4mb l3 cache socket lga136 Available RFQ
SL7EN intel corporation new pentium m 745 1.8ghz 400mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache socket 478 processor 90 day warranty Available RFQ
D7592 intel corporation xeon nocona 3.4ghz / 1mb cache 800 fsb. Available RFQ
SR0L7 intel corporation intel xeon 4 core processor e5-2643 3.30 ghz 10mb l3 cache 8.00 Available RFQ
N20-LBBU cisco memory new battery back up for write cache 90 day warranty Available RFQ
80522PX266512EC intel corporation pentium ii 266mhz processor 512k cache mmx Available RFQ
WD2000JD-98HBB0 western digital wd2000jd98hbb0 200gb 7200rpm sata hard drive w/ 8mb cache weight 3.00 lbs. Available RFQ
ST3450857SS-DELL dell st3450857ssdell e st3450857ss dell 450gb 15000rpm 16mb cache sas drive Available RFQ
383280-B21 compaq 383280b21 sa p400 battery backed write cache (bbwc) cache upgrade weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
HSZ50 compaq 32mb cache Available RFQ
46D1269 ibm quad-core intel xeon l5520 2.26ghz/1066mhz 8 mb l2 cache weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
262695-004 hp new 262695004 compaq interface cable for smart array 5i plus cache memory module 90 day warranty Available RFQ
13M7891 ibm intel xeon processor mp 2.83ghz 667mhz 1mb l2 cache 4mb l3 ca weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
5582 ibm raid controller w/aux cache Available RFQ
SL6W7 intel corporation xeon - 2.20ghz dp - 512kb cache - 400mhz fsb processor Available RFQ
39J4072 ibm p52a planar ( motherboard ): 1.65ghz 1-way power5+ processor w/ 0mb l3 cache Available RFQ
43W9473 ibm new/nib 7150n xeon dual-core 3.5ghz 16mb cpu new sl9yr weight 4.00 lbs. new manufacturers warranty fru - intel xeon dual-core processor 7150n, 3.50 ghz/667 mhz (2x 1 mb l2 cache) (16 mb l3 cache) weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
WD2500AAJB western digital 250gb 7200rpm ide hard drive w/ 8mb cache w/ war weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
WD1600BEVT ibm t61 160gb hdd3gb/s8m cache 7200rpm hard drive weight 5.00 lbs. Available RFQ
SL7AE intel corporation new bulk intel xeon 3.20ghz 533mhz 2mb cache processor 90 day warranty Available RFQ
501-5148-01 sun memory 501514801 360mhz cpu module 256kb cache p9a-4c Available RFQ
441823-001 hp 441823001 e smart array p400/256mb battery backed write cache (bbwc) controller Available RFQ
HH80553PG0964M intel corporation hh80553pg0964m pentium-d 3.40ghz 800mhz lga-775 4mb cache Available RFQ
380566-B21 compaq 380566b21 single external cache battery Available RFQ
44L0313 ibm battery cache 42r5070 Available RFQ
223529-001 compaq 223529001 256k secondary cache 15ns for prolinea Available RFQ
OS2376WAL4DGIWOF amd new opteron quad core model 2376 socket f 1207 2 3ghz l2 cache 5 weight 0.30 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
B3005-DA digital equipment corporation b3005da processor board 466mhz 4mb cache Available RFQ
SLABQ intel corporation new intel xeon processor 5120 4m cache 1.86ghz 1066mhz fsb slabq 90 day warranty Available RFQ
0960-0899 hp 256kb, 33mhz secondary cache memory module upgrade 09600899 256kb cache for lc 4/66 processor Available RFQ
012764-004 hp 012764004 256mb 40-bit ddr battery backed-write cache bbwc for p400 Available RFQ
38L5301 ibm amd opteron processor model 246 2.0ghz 1mb l2 cache kit Available RFQ
WCP6727 intel corporation cpu p4 105aghz 400mhz - 256k cache 478-pin oem Available RFQ
DS-HS35X-BC digital equipment corporation dshs35xbc cache battery for hsz70 Available RFQ
A3452A hp 800/kx20 cpu board 120mhz cpu w/2mb cache Available RFQ
CE-550 cisco memory ce550 cache engine 570 ac power supply Available RFQ
HH80563QH0258M intel corporation hh80563qh0258m xeon e5310 1.6ghz 1066mhz 8mb cache lga771 Available RFQ
187528001 hp 187528001 pentium iii xeon 866mhz /133mhz/256kb l2 cache/slot 2 ncludes he Available RFQ
7017-5312 ibm 262mhz 4-way rs64 ii processor 8mb l2 cache right hand Available RFQ
654862-L21 hp new 654862l21 hexadeca-core 16 core - 16 mb cache 90 day warranty Available RFQ
44E5057 ibm xeon x5460 qc lga771 3.16g 12mb quad-core intel xeon x5460 3.16 ghz/1333 mhz 12 mb l2 cache 1 Available RFQ
BX80574X5450A intel corporation bx80574x5450a xeon x5450 3ghz 1333mhz 12mb cache lga771 pr_ Available RFQ
44E4244-01 ibm new 44e424401 processor - intel dual-core xeon 2.4 ghz/1066 mhz - l2 cache - 8 90 day warranty Available RFQ
394876-B21 hp new 394876b21 proliant bl35p option 1.8g dc 1mb cache 1gb sas 90 day warranty Available RFQ
125425-001 compaq new 125425001 proliant 8/8500 tag accelerator board 90 day warranty 125425001 tag ram cache accelerator Available RFQ
HH80552PG1042M intel corporation hh80552pg1042m pentium-4 661 3.60hz 800mhz 2mb cache lg Available RFQ
SL6S7 intel corporation new pentium 4 2ghz 400mhz fsb 512kb l2 cache socket 478 processor 90 day warranty Available RFQ
8038-AC1-A2D8 ibm new 8038ac1a2d8 [h29018863] intel xeon proc e5-2450l 8c 1.8ghz 20mb cache [8038- 90 day warranty Available RFQ
CFAB83000 compaq pentium iii processor at 667mhz secc2 133mhz bus 256k cache Available RFQ
JM80547RE083256 intel corporation jm80547re083256 celeron-d 3.06ghz 533mhz lga-775 256kb cache Available RFQ
CM8062300835501S intel corporation new i5-2500s tray processor 6m cache 2.70ghz weight 0.01 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
IDT7MP6071 integrated device technology 256kb cache module 160-pin Available RFQ
9M914 dell perc 3 controller 64mb cache Available RFQ
BK80528JK150GR2 intel corporation bk80528jk150gr2 pentium-4 1.5ghz 400mhz fsb 256kb l2 cache Available RFQ
S26361-F3448-E280 fujitsu electronics new/nib fujitsu.processor opteron (second generation) dual-core 2.80 ghz bus speed: 1000 mhz socket f (1207) 2 mb cache weight 4.00 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
CM8063701133903S-R0R intel corporation new cm8063701133903sr0r i3-3225 64bit mpu 3m cache 3.30 ghz fc-lga12 90 day warranty Available RFQ
388393-002 compaq 388393002 proliant 6400r dual xeon 500 1mb cache 256mb ram Available RFQ
ST250LT007 sony electronics new 250gb 7200rpm hard drive 16mb cache sata/ 7mm momentus thin / for slim lapt weight 0.20 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
X1171A sun memory 50mhz sm50 mbus cpu no cache 501-2708 Available RFQ
5216-7026 ibm 52167026 6-way smp 688mhz 8mb l2 cache Available RFQ
8849-20u ibm new 884920u xseries 306mpd 3.0ghz/800mhz 2mb l2 cache 2x 512mb pc2-4 90 day warranty Available RFQ
SL68C intel corporation new celeron 1.7ghz 400mhz fsb 128kb l2 cache socket 478 processor 90 day warranty Available RFQ
CM8063701211600 intel corporation new i7-3770 processor 8m cache chip 3.90ghz fc-lga12c weight 0.01 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
653054-001 hp new 653054001 intel xeon processor - 2.0ghz westmere-ex 18mb level-3 cache 90 day warranty Available RFQ
200-947-904 emc corporation new 200947904 1gb cache module 90 day warranty Available RFQ
97P4989 ibm cache battery+b2910 Available RFQ
JU108 dell intel xeon e5450 quad core 12m cache 3.00 ghz 1333 mhz fsb pro Available RFQ
HH80556JH0464M intel corporation hh80556jh0464m xeon 5138 2.13ghz 1066mhz 4mb cache lga771 Available RFQ
A4200-66540U hp a420066540u secondary cache 512kb simm for d220 and d230 Available RFQ
FR-PC83M-BG digital equipment corporation frpc83mbg 256kb cache module pipe line burst Available RFQ
04N6684 ibm 2748 pci ultra2 raid controller 26mb cache w/battery Available RFQ
5188-5598 intel corporation 51885598 core2 duo e6400 2.13ghz 1066mhz 2mb cache lga775 Available RFQ
ST4000NM0043 sony electronics new/nib 4tb 7200rpm 128mb cache sas/6gb/s sed base weight 1.60 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
340915001 hp new 340915001 memory/64mb battery-backed cache memory module for pl1600 90 day warranty Available RFQ
A4837-00001 hp new a483700001 pa-risc 8200 processor 240mhz 4mb cache - no core return requ 90 day warranty Available RFQ
osp2210gaa6cx amd 1.8ghz 1000mhz fsb 1mb l2 cache socket f processor oem Available RFQ
340-3943 dell 3403943 poweredge 2650 raid key and cache Available RFQ
HSX80-AA compaq hsx80aa hsg80/hsz80 cache 32mb memory Available RFQ
BX80616I3540-S-LBTD intel corporation new bx80616i3540slbtd intel? core- i3-540 processor 4m cache 3.06 ghz 90 day warranty Available RFQ
SLBBC hp intel xeon e5410 quad-core 2.33ghz/1333mhz 12mb l2 cache processor Available RFQ

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