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Memory Accessories - Memory Components Catalog

If you’re looking to find a specific part type based on its dram chip, see below to browse through a list of computer memory types and data storage devices. You’ll see that we have IDT71V3559SA85BQGI8, 11S33G0, AT27C020-55JC, 116802-001, VRCU3U16S and other parts from reputable companies like Integrated Device Technology, Ibm, Atmel Memory, Compaq, Promise Technology. As the leading supplier of major aviation, military and IT companies, we take care to stock new and obsolete parts that are certified and tested to full functionality. Browse through our computer memory parts catalog and you’ll see Memory Accessories along with items pertaining to Ic Sram 4Mbit 85Ns 165Fbga, Rs/6000 32Mb Memory Dimm, Ic Otp 2Mbit 55Ns 32Plcc, 116802001 32Mb Dual Socket Memory Module, New 3U Sas Controller With 512Mb Ddr2 Memory For Vessraid Weight 1.40 Lbs. 90 Day Warranty. Give us a call today and see how quickly we can supply you with parts.

Manufacturer's List of Memory Accessories

Part Number's List for Memory Accessories

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
IDT71V3559SA85BQGI8 integrated device technology ic sram 4mbit 85ns 165fbga Available RFQ
11S33G0 ibm rs/6000 32mb memory dimm Available RFQ
AT27C020-55JC atmel memory ic otp 2mbit 55ns 32plcc Available RFQ
116802-001 compaq 116802001 32mb dual socket memory module Available RFQ
VRCU3U16S promise technology new 3u sas controller with 512mb ddr2 memory for vessraid weight 1.40 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
371-2655-01 hp 371265501 e 371-2655-01 sun 2gb pc2-5300fb memory mod Available RFQ
IDT71V35761S200BQGI8 integrated device technology ic sram 4mbit 200mhz 165fbga Available RFQ
M29F400BT90N6T micron technology ic flash 4mbit 90ns 48tsop Available RFQ
2000DSA08 hp 2000dsa08 256mb stacked 100mh 200-pin sdram memory dimm Available RFQ
SCSCSD9Y-2M-AX axiom memory solutions new/nib 1730451013 qms cls100 4 color thermal transfer ribbon weight 1.00 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
A3531A-AX axiom memory solutions new/nib a3531aax sc-sc fibre channel cable hp compatible 16m # a3531a weight 0.25 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
C702-N11141-E2 amp inc smartcard accy plastic bezel blk Available RFQ
B75M-A asus new b75 chipset 1155 socket 2xdimm 16gb ddr3 memory pcie3.0 sata weight 2.13 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
12038-60005 hp 1203860005 12038-60005 2-edge memory connector Available RFQ
NAND512R3A2DZA6E micron technology ic flash 512mbit 63vfbga Available RFQ
1835-003-B00 kingston memory 1835003b00 128mb dimm memory 1835-003-b00 Available RFQ
13M32734BCD360Y ibm 32x72 256mb pc100 memory ecc registered Available RFQ
IDT71T75602S100PFGI8 integrated device technology ic sram 18mbit 100mhz 100tqfp Available RFQ
0221P dell dimm 64 133m 8x72 4k 168 registered memory Available RFQ
M29F400BT70N1 micron technology ic flash 4mbit 70ns 48tsop Available RFQ
MT45W8MW16BGX-701-IT-TR micron technology ic psram 128mbit 70ns 54vfbga Available RFQ
AT24C32AN-10SI-1.8 atmel memory ic eeprom 32kbit 400khz 8soic Available RFQ
5069-6272 hp new 50696272 7-in-1 internal memory card reader 5069-6272 90 day warranty Available RFQ
AT49BV002AT-70VI atmel memory ic flash 2mbit 70ns 32vsop Available RFQ
AT24C01A-10SU-1.8 atmel memory ic eeprom 1kbit 400khz 8soic Available RFQ
A42-V6-AX axiom memory solutions new/nib a42v6ax laptop battery - lithium ion - 8-cell - 1 year weight 0.75 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
IDT71V3556S100BQG8 integrated device technology ic sram 4mbit 100mhz 165fbga Available RFQ
CY7C1441AV33-133AXIT cypress memory sram 1m x 36 3.3v sync ft sram ind ic sram 36mbit 133mhz 100lqfp Available RFQ
L1875-60001 hp l187560001 photosmart 512mb sd memory card Available RFQ
012304-001 hp 012304001 128mb smart array 6i memory module for dl380/dl360 g4 Available RFQ
54-24038-01 digital equipment corporation 542403801 128bits pipeline memory card Available RFQ
C8890-21200 hp c889021200 wrist strap with compactflash memory card extraction tool Available RFQ
MT29F2G16AADWP-ET:D-TR micron technology ic flash 2gbit 48tsop Available RFQ
MT45W4MW16PFA-85-WT-TR micron technology ic psram 64mbit 85ns 48vfbga Available RFQ
197898-B25 hp 256mb, 133mhz, 144-pin sdram so-dimm memory module 197898b25 compaq 256mb sdram memory 173671-001 197898-b25 weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
83808-20010S fci electronics c sh tii closed ins Available RFQ
4067 ibm hp ml570 g4 memory expans board rmkt kit 32mb memory card Available RFQ
TS1GMMC transcend new 1gb multi-media memory card weight 3.00 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
SSDMZ5PA064-AX axiom memory solutions new 64gb 2.5-inch 470 series sata-2 weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
IDT71V416VL15BE integrated device technology ic sram 4mbit 15ns 48bga Available RFQ
IDT71V25761S200PFGI integrated device technology ic sram 4mbit 200mhz 100tqfp Available RFQ
M29W008AT120N6T micron technology ic flash 8mbit 120ns 40tsop Available RFQ
IS61WV12816BLL-12TLI-TR integrated silicon solution sram 128kx16 12ns/3.3v or 15ns/2.5-3.6v ic sram 2mbit 12ns 44tsop Available RFQ
HY332E hp new 2gb kit 2x1gb memory pc3200 400mhz ddr2gb kit 2x1gb memory pc3200 400mhz ddr e 90 day warranty Available RFQ
IDT71V416VS12PHGI8 integrated device technology ic sram 4mbit 12ns 44tsop Available RFQ
116800-001 compaq new 116800001 8mb 80ns single socket memory module deskpro 386/ 90 day warranty Available RFQ
MT46V64M8BN-6-L:F-TR micron technology ic ddr sdram 512mbit 6ns 60fbga Available RFQ
CY7C146-25JXCT cypress memory ic sram 16kbit 25ns 52plcc Available RFQ
Q773067901 hp q773067901 16mb compactflash memory card - traditional arabic font Available RFQ
AT93C66-10SC-2.5 atmel memory ic eeprom 4kbit 2mhz 8soic Available RFQ
243012002 hp 243012002 16mb 60ns memory Available RFQ
A9775A future electronics 8gb kit reg ecc pc2100 100% compatible hp weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
AT24C08A-10TI-2.7 atmel memory ic eeprom 8kbit 400khz 8tssop Available RFQ
AT24C04Y1-10YI-1.8 atmel memory ic eeprom 4kbit 400khz 8map Available RFQ
MT46V64M8P-75-L:D-TR micron technology ic ddr sdram 512mbit 66tsop Available RFQ
201-732-924B emc corporation 201732924b system board ( motherboard ) w/2 xeon slots 4 memory slots 4 pci-x slots Available RFQ
83808-21000LF fci electronics card shields Available RFQ
DEM-431XT-DD-AX axiom memory solutions new/nib 10gbase-sr sfp+ transceiver for d-link # dem-431xt-dd weight 0.16 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
06Y025 dell memory riser board Available RFQ
83818-20010 fci electronics c sh 5mm oe ins Available RFQ
IS42S16800D-6T-TR integrated silicon solution ic sdram 128mbit 166mhz 54tsop Available RFQ
11570001 hp new 011570001 hot plug memory cartridge dl740 memory expansion board 90 day warranty Available RFQ
Q596760001 hp q596760001 memory card slot pc board - memory card slot external access port Available RFQ
C702-G51-012-E2 amp inc smartcard accy mounting plate Available RFQ
A6916A hp m390s2858ct1-c7a pc133 ecc sdram 1gb memory a6916a Available RFQ
IS62WV12816BLL-55BI-TR integrated silicon solution sram 2mb 128kx16 55ns 2.5v-3.6v ic sram 2mbit 55ns 48mbga Available RFQ
62197-001 fci electronics cf card kit semi Available RFQ
Z68ITX-A-E zotac new zotac motherboardboard z68itx-a-e lga1155 ddr3 memory usb 3.0 sata pcie pci-express dvi weight 2.00 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
CAT24C03ZI-GT3 on semiconductor 2kb i2c ser eeprom Available RFQ
MT46V16M8P-6T:DTR micron technology ic ddr sdram 128mbit 6ns 66tsop Available RFQ
MT46V64M8FN-75-L:D micron technology ic ddr sdram 512mbit 60fbga Available RFQ
RD38F2020W0YBQ0SB93 intel corporation ic flash 64mbit 70ns 88ebga Available RFQ
SST39LF020-55-4I-WHE microchip memory ic flash mpf 2mbit 55ns 32tsop Available RFQ
CY7C1383S-133AXC cypress memory ic sram 1024kx18 3.3v sy 100tqfp Available RFQ
1818-7719 hp new 18187719 128mb 100mhz ecc sdram dimm memory module netserver e60 e55 l 90 day warranty Available RFQ
185174002 hp 185174002 memory/compaq/16mb edo simm dp5100 Available RFQ
341175-B21-AX axiom memory solutions new/nib 341175b21ax vhdci-vhdci offset cable hp compatible 12ft weight 0.25 lbs. new manufacturers warranty Available RFQ
08J0203 ibm memory, 256mb, ddr, ecc, 333mhz, cl2. memory module 32mb weight 10.00 lbs. Available RFQ
501-6778-06-4GB sun memory 5016778064gb 1.593ghz cpu/memory module assembly with 4gb memory loc ggc Available RFQ
MT28F800B3WP-9-B-TR micron technology ic flash 8mbit 90ns 48tsop Available RFQ
133983001 printronix 1gb 1 x 1gb - 100mhz pc100 - ecc - sdram memory - 168-pin Available RFQ
ISB24NSTD201200900EN avg semiconductors new 166614b21a 128mb dimm 168-pin sdram memory for compaq 90 day warranty Available RFQ
371-1560 sun memory 3711560 1gb memory rohs ggc3-b35-53c Available RFQ
179684-001 compaq compaq 1mb video memory 179684001 memory board pl6400r Available RFQ
900241 visiontek new graphics card - ati radeon hd 4850 625mhz - 512mb gddr3 sdram memory 25 90 day warranty Available RFQ
MT28F128J3BS-12-MET-TR micron technology ic flash 128mbit 120ns 64fbga Available RFQ
7945-AC1-8923 ibm new 8gb 1x8gb pc3l-10600 ecc cl9 dd.3-inch memory 1333mhz rdimm 1.35v 90 day warranty Available RFQ
52G1343 ibm rs/6000 graphics memory. card Available RFQ
116-7380 emc corporation 1167380 256mb pc100 memory 32x72 ecc non-regd Available RFQ
370-5676-01 sun memory 370567601 128mb memory stick sb100/150 Available RFQ
CY62128BNLL-70SXAT cypress memory sram slo 5.0v super lo pwr 128k x 8 sram ic sram 1mbit 70ns 32soic Available RFQ
174536-001 compaq 174536001 3.3-volt 30a vrm voltage regulator module for memory board pr_ Available RFQ
16P7297 ibm bcu 16mb 168p 60ns 8c 2x8 2k buffered fpm 5v dimm 32mb memory field kit dram simm Available RFQ
MBD-X9DAL-I-O supermicro computer xeon motherboard e5 2400 new x9dal-i c604/6 dp lga2011 max-192gb ddr3 memory atx pcie16 pcie8 weight 4.00 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
MT46H128M16LFCK-5-IT:A micron technology ic ddr sdram 2gb 200mhz 60vfbga Available RFQ
C8HM70-I asus new c8hm70-i intel celeron 847 2xsodimm ddr3 memory pice2.0 sata usb3.0 weight 1.70 lbs. 90 day warranty Available RFQ
PSD813F2VA-15M st microelectronics ic flash 1mbit 150ns 52qfp Available RFQ
AT27BV512-70JC atmel memory ic otp 512kbit 70ns 32plcc Available RFQ
AT24C128-10TU-1.8-SL383 atmel memory ic eeprom 128kbit 400khz 8tssop Available RFQ
C1645-60112 hp c164560112 memory card for paintjet xl300 Available RFQ

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