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Refurbished Memory - Memory Components Catalog

If you’re looking to find a specific Refurbished Memory part, see below to browse through a list of computer memory parts and data storage parts. You’ll see that we have MR272, F4694-60901, 157333-B21, 306431-002, 188056-001-4X64 and other Refurbished Memory parts from reputable companies like Dell, Hp, Ibm. As the leading supplier of major aviation, military and IT companies, we take care to stock new and obsolete parts that are certified and tested to full functionality. Browse through our computer memory parts catalog and you’ll see Refurbished Memory along with items pertaining to Dimm,512,667M64x72,8,240,1Rx8, F469460901 128Mb 266Mhz Pc-2100 Ddr-Sdram Sodimm Memory Module 128Mb, 266Mhz, Pc-2100 Ddr-Sdram So-Dimm Memory Module, Ram; 64Mb; Ecc 600Mhz Ram;, Sps-Mem Mod 128Mb 100Sdram Cl2, Kit; 256 Mb 70 Ns; 4 X 64 Mb. Give us a call today and see how quickly we can supply you with parts.

Manufacturer's List of Refurbished Memory

Part Number's List for Refurbished Memory

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
MR272 dell dimm,512,667m64x72,8,240,1rx8 Available RFQ
F4694-60901 hp f469460901 128mb 266mhz pc-2100 ddr-sdram sodimm memory module 128mb, 266mhz, pc-2100 ddr-sdram so-dimm memory module Available RFQ
157333-B21 hp ram; 64mb; ecc 600mhz ram; Available RFQ
306431-002 hp sps-mem mod 128mb 100sdram cl2 Available RFQ
188056-001-4X64 hp kit; 256 mb 70 ns; 4 x 64 mb Available RFQ
41Y2758 ibm 512mb sdram ddr2 memory dimm weight 1.00 lbs. 512mb pc2-5300 ddr2 Available RFQ
N2931 dell 512mb ddr2 400mhz 64x64 Available RFQ
313617-B21 hp new 313617b21 compaq 512mb sdram memory weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 512mb for compaq proliant 3000 168 pin dimm ecc synchronous (sdram) memory module Available RFQ
079YY dell 256mb memory module pc133/ 133mhz/ 168 pins 256mb memory module ( pc133/ 133mhz/ 168 pins ) Available RFQ
110958-132 hp sps-mem dimm,32mx72,128mb,gx Available RFQ
606426-001 hp hp 4gb pc3-10600 4gb pc3l 10600r ddr3-1333 memory module Available RFQ
137895-001 hp video memory genuine 2mb vram 2mb video memory module Available RFQ
87758 dell dell m 128mb sdram Available RFQ
HYMP512R72P4-E3 dell hymp512r72p4-e3 hynix 1gb (1 x 1gb) pc3200 ddr2 ecc module Available RFQ
A0743749 dell dell memory 1gb, pe 2850 Available RFQ
XP764 dell dimm,1g,400m,128x72,8,240,1rx4 Available RFQ
406727-001 hp 1.0gb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, ddr2 sdram so-dimm (part of em994aa) Available RFQ
39M5854 ibm 4gb pc 3200 kit cl3 ecc ddr2 sdram memory weight 1.00 lbs. 4gb pc 3200 kit cl3 ecc ddr2 sdram memory weight 1.00 lbs. Available RFQ
175924-001 hp new 175924001 256mb memory pc2100 ddr-266mhz non-ecc unbuffered cl2.5 184-pin dimm_ 90 day warranty dimm ddr 32mx64 266mhz 256mb dimm Available RFQ
HYMP564U64P8-C4-AA-A dell hynix 512mb 1r-x pc2-4200u-444-as Available RFQ
501535-001 hp 4gb (128mbx8), 1066mhz, pc3-8500r, ddr3 dimm memory module Available RFQ
430451-001 hp 2gb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, single rank (sr), low power (lp), registered ddr2 sdram fully buffered dimms (fbd) memory module Available RFQ
129160-001 hp cq sim mem exp bd i Available RFQ
G4872 dell dimm, 512, 533m, 64x72, 8, 240, 1rx8 Available RFQ
172712-001 hp 4mb memory module genuine 70ns 4mb mem mod 70ns non; parity prolinea/dskpro Available RFQ
500209-061 hp dimm,2gb pc3-10600e,128mx8,rohs Available RFQ
A74224-B21 hp 128mb sdram 133mhz dimm Available RFQ
403573-001 hp 403573001 256mb secure digital sd flash memory card 256mb secure digital (sd) flash memory card Available RFQ
171651-B21 hp 256mb pc133 unbuffered dimm cl3 compaq en 168 pin dimm non-parity synchronous (sdram) memory module Available RFQ
D4290-69003 hp 64mb, 60ns, 36-bit parity ecc fpm (fast page mode) simm memory module Available RFQ
A0743444 dell 1gb memory module for poweredge 6650 Available RFQ
278031-002 hp compaq 12mb wram mmii memory 32mb sdram dimm Available RFQ
007216-001 hp compaq 1mb sgram f/deskpro 2000 mmx Available RFQ
416107-001 hp 416107001 e 416107-001 2gb 1 x 2gb memory pc3200 ddr ecc module 2gb, pc3200, registered ddr sdram dimm memory module Available RFQ
7906P dell memory, 128mb, dimension, rimm Available RFQ
40Y7733 ibm new thinkpad 60. 512ram. ddr2. 5300. cl5. np sdram memory. sodimm. reta weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 1gb ram upgrade for thinkpad t&x series Available RFQ
D9260AX hp hp memory 64mb pc100 Available RFQ
MT8HTF6464HDY-53EB3 hp mm-micron, ddr2 sodimm, 512mb, pc2-4200, 533mhz, cl4 Available RFQ
EK478-69001 hp 1gb (1dimm) memory module, pc2-5300, ddr2-667 sdram dimm Available RFQ
09N4306 ibm new 256mb pc2100 266mhz ddr ecc cl2.5 sdram memory module for se_ weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 256mb registered ecc pc2100 dimm for ibm eserver xseries 305 Available RFQ
599548-001 hp 2gb 2rx8 pc3 - 10600s - 09 - 10 - f2 Available RFQ
4K107 dell dimm 128mb memory pc2100 16x64 non-ecc 128mb 266m ddr Available RFQ
110958-022 hp compaq 256mb sdram cl2 Available RFQ
A0738912 dell 512 mb module for dell precision/poweredge / dimm, 512, 400m, 32x72, 8, 240, 2rx8 Available RFQ
201692-B21 hp new 201692b21 256mb kit pc133 sdram memory dimm weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 256mb memory module kit - includes two 128mb, 133mhz ecc sdram buffered dimms (worldwide) Available RFQ
2GH6F dell mem-dimm,1g,1333,128x64,8,240,1rx8 Available RFQ
C741M dell dimm, 2gb memory, 667, 256x64, 8k, 200 for latitude xt (sub) Available RFQ
580017-001 hp 2mb warm memory 2gb, pc3-8500s, ddr3-1066mhz, 204-pins, sodimm memory module. Available RFQ
402824-872 hp compaq 128mb non ecc memory 800mhz Available RFQ
323016-001-1X64 hp memory;64 mb;100mhz;dimm;1 x 64 mb Available RFQ
317434-001 hp 128mb, 266mhz, 200-pin, pc2100 so-dimm (small outline dual in-line memory module) Available RFQ
202171-B21 hp hp 2gb ddr 200mhz 2.0gb, pc1600, registered ecc, ddr sdram dimm memory kit - contains four 512mb memory modules Available RFQ
286547-001 hp memory dimm Available RFQ
397402-B21 hp dl140g3 2gb fbd pc2-5300 (2 x 1gb) ki Available RFQ
497157-D88 hp new 497157d88 hp 2gb pc3-10600 ddr3-1333 non-ecc unbuffered 240pin dimm ram me 90 day warranty memory - dimm, 2gb, pc3-10600 Available RFQ
NT512D72S8PABG-75T dell nt512d72s8pabg75t 512mb pc2100 266mhz ddr ecc memory cl2 512mb pc2100 266mhz ddr ecc mem Available RFQ
219286-001 hp cluster nvs memory card w/cache board;memory 686 dimm Available RFQ
414042-001 hp new 414042001 1gb pc2-4200 533mhz sodimm pn: 414042-001 90 day warranty 1.0gb, 533mhz ddr2, pc2-4200, sdram small outline dual in-line memory module (sodimm) Available RFQ
F0598 dell 256mb ddr 333mhz 32x64 8k pc2700 Available RFQ
V826616J24SATG-C0 dell 184p-ddr-128mb-pc2700. Available RFQ
163612-001-1X128 hp mm- sodimm, 133mhz, 128mb, cl3, micron, 1x128 Available RFQ
B01693-B21 hp 512mb 133mhz sdram dimm memory 2x256mb Available RFQ
403766-B21 hp hp ml370g5 memory expansion board hp ml370 g5 mem board kit Available RFQ
A2251711 dell 1gb 400m ddr 184p dimm Available RFQ
DC390BR hp hp 512mb 333mhz rmkt memory Available RFQ
MT18VDDF12872G-40BC3 hp 184p-ddr-1gb-pc3200 ecc-reg Available RFQ
F1457-69001 hp memory 1gb ddr2/pc2-5300u/667 hp omnibook 64mb memory Available RFQ
Y5934 dell dimm,512,533m,64x64,8,240,2rx8 Available RFQ
06P4050 ibm new 512mb memory pc3200 ecc dimm weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 512 mb pc3200 cl3 ecc ddr udimm Available RFQ
10K0058 ibm 128mb sdram memory np 133mhz 3.3-volt cl2 weight 1.00 lbs. 128mb pc133 cl2 netvista m41 168 pin dimm non-parity synchronous (sdram) memory module Available RFQ
419151-001 hp new 419151001 genuine 512mb 667mhz pc2-5300 ddr2 sdram memory sodimm for nc4400 n_ 90 day warranty 512mb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, ddr2 sdram so-dimm (small outline dual in-line memory module) Available RFQ
315409-B21 hp cpq armada 64mb sodimm memory Available RFQ
246134-001 hp 256mb dimm gx Available RFQ
4MB-SIMM ibm 4mbsimm 4mb ram 4mb simm memory Available RFQ
359242-001 hp 1.0gb, pc2-3200, ddr2 sdram dimm memory module. Available RFQ
0661p dell 256mb 133mhz Available RFQ
578882-001 hp new 578882001 512mb flash backed write cache w/ battery 571436-002 90 day warranty 512mb flash backed write cache (fbwc) Available RFQ
41Y2857 ibm new e 41y2857 4gb 1 x 4gb pc3200 ddr2 memory module 90 day warranty ibm 4gb module pc2-3200 cl3 edd ddr2 sdram rdimm Available RFQ
172467-001 hp video memory genuine 1mb vram board;video 1mb Available RFQ
353454-001 hp 1gb memory genuine pc2100 sdra ddr 1 gb, sdram dimm memory module - pc2100 ddr-266mhz, ecc, 1.2-inch registered Available RFQ
M678N dell dimm,1g,667m,128x72,8,240,1rx8 Available RFQ
418857-001 hp 418857001 genuine 2gb 667mhz pc2-5300 ddr2 sdram memory small outline dual in 2.0gb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, ddr2 sdram small outline dual in-line memory module (sodimm). Available RFQ
399958-001 hp new 399958001 2gb memory pc2700 dimm ml350 g4 dl360 g4 90 day warranty 2gb, registered ddr sdram dimm memory module (pc2700). Available RFQ
326668-882-1X512 hp mm-hp, ddr sdram, 512mb, 400mhz, pc3200, cl3, 1x512mb Available RFQ
73P4206 ibm ibm 512 mb ddr2 sdram memory module 512mb pc2-3200 sgl dimm ecc ddr sdram rdimm kit Available RFQ
CT746879 hp xw4600 1gb 2rx8 pc2-6400e dimm-samsng Available RFQ
500202-161 hp new 500202161 hp 2gb 1 x 2gb 1333mhz pc3-10600 ddr3 dimm memory module --- 90 day warranty 2gb pc3-10600 1333mhz sdram ecc reg 240pin Available RFQ
M0211 dell memory 256mb ddr 400 32x72 ecc Available RFQ
253916-001 hp memory 16mb 3.3v video memory module upgrade module Available RFQ
M393T5168AZ0 ibm ibm 4gb module pc2-3200 cl3 edd ddr2 sdram rdimm Available RFQ
9905193040A00LF hp parts/bd/mem/1mb controller memory 200 series, 310,320,3852a 1gb ddr sdram memory module - 1gb (1 x 1gb) - 400mhz ddr400/pc3200 - ecc - ddr sdram - 184-pin Available RFQ
314298-001 hp video memory genuine 4mb dp en sff ati sps-mem mod,4mb,512k,sgram Available RFQ
7064P dell rimm,64,400m,32x16,4c Available RFQ
F1134-69001 hp 8mb f/ omnibook 5000c Available RFQ
268307-002 hp memory;16 mb dimm; 66mhz; sdram; ecc; 1 x 16 mb Available RFQ
314890-B21 hp armada memory genuine prosignia 32mb sodimm 32mb sdram 66mhz sodimmf/armada Available RFQ
416356-001 hp new 416356001 1gb pc5300 ecc registered memory ddr2 memory 90 day warranty 1gb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, registered ddr2 sdram dimm memory module Available RFQ
271109-002 hp memory;32 mb;60 ns;1 x 32 mb sdram Available RFQ
214049-001 hp presario 9000 memory module genuine 4mb 60ns memory module;4mb (60ns) Available RFQ
G2196 dell dimm,1g,400m,64x72,8,240,2rx8 Available RFQ

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