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Refurbished Memory - Memory Components Catalog

If you’re looking to find a specific part type based on its dram chip, see below to browse through a list of computer memory types and data storage devices. You’ll see that we have 123784-001, 185207-002, 419974-001, 44T1498, P4785 and other parts from reputable companies like Hp, Ibm, Dell. As the leading supplier of major aviation, military and IT companies, we take care to stock new and obsolete parts that are certified and tested to full functionality. Browse through our computer memory parts catalog and you’ll see Refurbished Memory along with items pertaining to Controller;Ida2 Cache Memory, 32Mb Memory Module, Hp Hp Memory - 1 Gb - Dimm 240-Pin - Ddr2 512Mb, 667Mhz, Pc2-5300, Registered Ddr2 Dimm Memory Module, Vlp Ibm 4Gb Dimm Ddr3 2Rx4 Pc3-10600R 1333Mhz Ecc 4Gb Pc3 Vlp-10600 Opt 44T1488 Sgl Mod, Dimm,2G,266M,256X72,8K,184. Give us a call today and see how quickly we can supply you with parts.

Manufacturer's List of Refurbished Memory

Part Number's List for Refurbished Memory

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
123784-001 hp controller;ida2 cache memory Available RFQ
185207-002 hp 32mb memory module Available RFQ
419974-001 hp hp hp memory - 1 gb - dimm 240-pin - ddr2 512mb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, registered ddr2 dimm memory module Available RFQ
44T1498 ibm vlp ibm 4gb dimm ddr3 2rx4 pc3-10600r 1333mhz ecc 4gb pc3 vlp-10600 opt 44t1488 sgl mod Available RFQ
P4785 dell dimm,2g,266m,256x72,8k,184 Available RFQ
335697-001 hp new 335697001 genuine 128mb pc3200 400mhz ddr cl3 non-ecc sdram memory module 90 day warranty 128mb, 400mhz, cl=3.0, pc3200 non-ecc ddr-sdram dimm memory Available RFQ
501533-001 hp hp 2gb ddr3 sdram memory module hp 2gb ddr3 1333 Available RFQ
129041-002 hp 8mb (70ns) memory Available RFQ
501487-001 hp new 501487001 1gb 800mhz cl=6 pc2-6400 ddr2 sdram memory 90 day warranty e2730p 1gb 800mhz pc2-6400 sodimm Available RFQ
3309P dell dimm,256,100m,32x72,4k,168,r Available RFQ
260654-042 hp 256mb pc2100 266mhz ecc dimm Available RFQ
EE687A hp 1gb 533mhz ddr2 pc2-4200 sodimm 1 dimm memory module 1.0gb, 533mhz, ddr2, pc2-4200 sodimm (1 dimm) memory module Available RFQ
583241-001 hp order 598858-001 Available RFQ
D7538 dell dell 512mb fbdimm 1rx8 pc2-4200f 533mz ecc reg cl4 512mb 533mhz ddr2 dimm, 64x72, 8, 240, 1rx8 Available RFQ
MIC-256-133/3 dell micron-256mb-133mhz-cl3-ecc Available RFQ
192014-CLS hp 256 mb/133 mhz sdram clone Available RFQ
148188-001 hp 8mb memory kit genuine 70ns 2x4mb 2- 4mb modules-70 nns Available RFQ
314890-B21 hp armada memory genuine prosignia 32mb sodimm 32mb sdram 66mhz sodimmf/armada Available RFQ
128-MEMORY-P5244A- hp 128 mb memory for p5244a Available RFQ
591750-071U hp alw 256mb 168p 60ns 36c 16x4 4k buffered ecc edo dimm 4gb pc3 10600r ddr3-1333 memory module Available RFQ
110958-132 hp sps-mem dimm,32mx72,128mb,gx Available RFQ
187418-B21 hp hp 512mb pc1600 sdram memory Available RFQ
D3659B hp memory/256kb cache memory for vl5 256kb synch pipelineburst cache Available RFQ
257306-001 hp 256 mb, ecc133, dimm (option) Available RFQ
002798-001 hp contura 4mb memory board Available RFQ
461840R-B21 hp hp 4gb reg pc2-5300 2x2g Available RFQ
251361-001 hp 128mb memory genuine n160 1700xx 133mhz 128 mb (eurps) Available RFQ
166617-B21 hp 64mb memory genuine dimm 100mhz ecc 64mb for compaq deskpro ep 168 pin dimm ecc synchronous (sdram) memory module Available RFQ
007216-001 hp compaq 1mb sgram f/deskpro 2000 mmx Available RFQ
213856001 hp board;backplane 5x5 Available RFQ
DC338X hp promo 128mb pc2700 (ddr333) Available RFQ
141335-001 hp memory;video 512kb Available RFQ
140909-001 hp kit,sps-mdle,exp,mem,4mb Available RFQ
G2989 dell dimm,512,266m,64x72,9u174,bcc Available RFQ
HYS64D3202GDL-7-B ibm 256mb ddr266 sodimm cl2.5 200 pin sodimm non-parity double data rate (ddr) memory module Available RFQ
416472-001 hp new 416472001 2gb pc5300 667mhz ecc registered memory ddr2 fbd fully buffered memory weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 2.0gb (128mx4), 667mhz, pc2-5300, registered ddr2 fully buffered dimms (fbd) memory module Available RFQ
373029-851 hp new 373029851 1gb pc3200 ddr-400mhz ecc registered cl3 184-pin dimm memory 90 day warranty mm-hp, ddr sdram, 1gb, 400mhz, pc3200, cl3, ecc, reg Available RFQ
DY658AR hp hp 512mb ddr2-400 ecc reg rmkt memory Available RFQ
317435-001 hp new 317435001 cpq256mb 266mhz memory pc2100 ddr dimm 90 day warranty 256mb, 266mhz, 200-pin, pc2100 so-dimm (small outline dual in-line memory module) Available RFQ
416258-001 hp module memory genuine 4gb pc2700 dl585 4gb (1 x 4gb), pc2700, registered ddr sdram dimm Available RFQ
294419-B21 hp video memory genuine 4mb dp en sff ati 4mb 100mhz r. 92 sgram Available RFQ
418856-001 hp 1gb memory genuine sodimm pc2-5300 667m 1.0gb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, ddr2 sdram small outline dual in-line memory module (sodimm). Available RFQ
164539-001 hp sps-mem mod,128mb,53ns Available RFQ
A1362170 dell 2gb memory module for poweredge r900 Available RFQ
W0509 dell dimm,512,100m,64x72,8k,184,r,2 Available RFQ
160019-003 hp 4mb memory module Available RFQ
172466-001 hp compaq 2mb video vram module for qvision2000+ card, dp, prolinia etc. Available RFQ
D9325-63001 hp d932563001 256mb ram module 256mb pc100 dimm netserver Available RFQ
159377-001 hp new 159377001 256mb pc133 133mhz ecc registered sdram dimm memory 159377-001 90 day warranty 256mb, 133mhz ecc sdram buffered dimm Available RFQ
49Y1445 ibm ibm 4gb pc3-10600 fru (dual-rank) - memory - 4 gb - ddr3 sdram - 1333 mhz / pc3-10600 - ecc Available RFQ
2336D dell dimm,256,100m,32x72,4k,168,r,w Available RFQ
536723-652 hp 2gb pc3-10600 1333mhz sodimm 200pin Available RFQ
39M5858 ibm ibm 512mb (1x512mb dimm) pc2-3200 non chipkill cl3 ecc ddr2 sdram rdimm ibm - memory - 512 mb - dimm 240-pin - ddr ii - 400 mhz / pc2-3200 - cl3 - registered - ecc Available RFQ
NT2GT72U8PD1BD-3C dell 2gb 2rx8 pc2-5300 ddr2 ecc regd 667m Available RFQ
514216-001 hp memory,512mb,sodimm,pc4200,2rx16 8gb memory module, pc2-5300f ddr2-667mhz, registered, dual rank Available RFQ
D6114-69001 hp new d611469001 168-pin 256mb memory edo ecc buffered dimm 4k 90 day warranty 256mb, 50ns edo dimm memory module Available RFQ
591750-171U hp hp/compaq - 4gb (1x4gb) 1333mhz pc3-10600 ecc registered ddr3 sdram dimm Available RFQ
311-1280 dell 3111280 128mb pc2100 non-parity ddr memory module for various dimen 128mb pc2100 non-parity ddr memory module for various dell dimension and optiplex systems Available RFQ
M378T2953EZ3 hp 1gb 2rx8 pc2-5300u-555 ddr2 Available RFQ
EBD25UC8AMFA-5B dell elpida 256mb pc3200u ddr Available RFQ
Y5956 dell dimm,512,533m,64x72,8,240,1rx8 Available RFQ
345113-051 hp memory mezzanine shipping bracket dimm, reg,1gb,pc2-3200,128mx4 Available RFQ
220585-001 hp armada 1110 memory genuine 20 25 16mb 16mb, 70ns, edo sodimm memory module Available RFQ
241772-B21 hp 9371 memory card 256mb kit / compaq proliant 6000 168 pin dimm ecc edo memory kit Available RFQ
09N4306 ibm new 256mb pc2100 266mhz ddr ecc cl2.5 sdram memory module for se_ weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 256mb registered ecc pc2100 dimm for ibm eserver xseries 305 Available RFQ
D5361T hp 16mb non-ecc sdram memory dimm 16mb non-ecc sdram dimm Available RFQ
94388 dell del simm,32m,70n,8x36,fp,72p,sv Available RFQ
345113-951 hp new 345113951 345113-951 1gb 1 x 1gb memory pc3200 ddr2 ecc module 90 day warranty 1gb pc3200 ram module ecc Available RFQ
01K1140 ibm new 168-pin 64mb pc100 memory ecc 90 day warranty 64mb ibm intellistation m pro 168 pin dimm ecc synchronous ( Available RFQ
A0743814 dell 2gb memory module for poweredge 2850 Available RFQ
166972-001 hp video memory genuine 4mb sodimm ati sps-mem,video,4mb,sgram Available RFQ
4K107 dell dimm 128mb memory pc2100 16x64 non-ecc 128mb 266m ddr Available RFQ
411904-001 hp replaced: 411904-001 1gb, 800mhz, pc2-6400, sdram small outline dual in-line memory module (sodimm) Available RFQ
359241-005 hp new 359241005 genuine 512mb pc3200 400mhz ddr2 ecc sdram memory module prol_ 90 day warranty 512mb, 400mhz, pc2-3200 ddr2-sdram dimm memory module Available RFQ
501157-001 hp sun 4gb ddr2, fb memory ((pkt3120-b17-8c) 2gb (256mbx4), 800mhz, pc2-6400, dual rank (dr) registered ecc ddr2 dimm memory module Available RFQ
237122-001 hp 256mb, 266mhz, pc2100 ddr-sdram dimm memory. Available RFQ
127006-031 hp sps-mem dimm 512mb sdram Available RFQ
492570-001 hp new 492570001 1gb pc2-6400 memory sodimm weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty 1gb, 800mhz, 200-pin, pc2-6400, sdram small outline dual in-line memory module (sodimm) Available RFQ
C9147-67928 hp new c914767928 16mb flash firmware dimm 90 day warranty 16mb flash firmware dimm Available RFQ
144427-002 hp memory - notebook - 32mb, sodimm, 100mhz Available RFQ
A0003938 dell 1gb pc133 dimm (dell) Available RFQ
166966-001 hp 166966001 compaq 128mb 100mhz sdram memory dimm 128mb, 100mhz sdram dimm memory module Available RFQ
197897-B25 hp 128mb pc133 cl3 compaq evo n600c 144 pin sodimm non-parity synchronous (sdram) memory module Available RFQ
RP907AA hp hp 4gb ddr2 sdram memory module 4gb (1x4gb) ddr2-533 ecc reg dimm Available RFQ
317434-001 hp 128mb, 266mhz, 200-pin, pc2100 so-dimm (small outline dual in-line memory module) Available RFQ
268043-001 hp 268043001 256mb memory pc2100 266mhz sodimm 285272-001 285523-001 317435-001 256 mb pc 266mhz memory module Available RFQ
361525-004 hp 361525004 256mb 533mhz pc2-4200 sodimm memory 361525-004 256mb 533mhz 240pin pc4200 sodimm Available RFQ
VL534AV hp 1gb, 1333mhz, pc3-10600, 240-pins, non-ecc, unbuffered dimm (dual in-line memory module) Available RFQ
199014-001 hp elite memory genuine 8mb 8 mb memory module Available RFQ
323016-001-1X64 hp memory;64 mb;100mhz;dimm;1 x 64 mb Available RFQ
KMM372F400CK-6 dell mem dimm 32m 4x72 168p edo Available RFQ
309037-001 hp sps-mem dimm,128mb,100mhz Available RFQ
10K0068 ibm ibm 256mb dimm ddr pc2100u 133mhz ecc cl2 256mb ecc module Available RFQ
287497R-B21 hp mm-hp, sdram, 1gb, 266mhz, pc2100, ecc Available RFQ
V826632B24SATG-C0 dell v826632b24satgc0 256mb memory pc2700 ddr 333mhz 200-pin mm-promos, ddr sodimm, 256mb, 333mhz, cl2.5 Available RFQ
7906P dell memory, 128mb, dimension, rimm Available RFQ
652972-002 hp sps-mem 2gb pc3 12800 1600mhz shared Available RFQ
B71910-001 hp 256buf edo 50ns(1*256) Available RFQ
20L0250 ibm 512mb memory genuine sdram 512mb dimm (all models) Available RFQ
A6186A-A hp a6186aa 512mb 133mhz sdram memory 512mb,133mhz,sdram Available RFQ

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