On February 14 2017, there was an article posted by George Kerr on Cisco which talks about how Cisco has big plans to have a solution to its epic infrastructure. The solution that Cisco has provided deals mainly with electronic health records or EHRs.

Digital media records have been the healthcare industry more seamless which reduces the number of errors and improve coordination of care. Digital media records also gets rids of tangible records that are stored away in manila folders, unsecured paper, and rooms filled with filing cabinets.

With the help of flash storage, paper records are a thing of the past, however the infrastructure of the digital media records have to be “rip and replaced” every time one would want to upgrade the infrastructure. This most likely done on a routine basis of every 3 to 4 years. While this is a lot better than having tangible copies of patient information, the whole upgrading in structure is very costly and time consuming.

Cisco has announced their partnership with Pure Storage to create flash storage which is an instantly upgradable platform. Adding new capabilities and capacity only takes minutes to install. Not only this but it is also very user friendly. One early adopter of the product was able to achieve over 230% ROI from this product.

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Cisco Systems, an American multinational technology company, has announced that they will no longer be selling their data-storage hardware known as the Cisco UCS Invicta Series. July 24th, 2015 was the last day that Cisco Systems offered to sell the affected products. Cisco, which has recently decided to move beyond networking gear and into server systems, is taking action to narrow down their focus onto the most promising businesses. This decision will inevitably affect many Cisco employees, though a Cisco spokeswoman declined to comment on the exact amount of employees who would be losing their jobs.

The Invicta Series was a product line that suffered from technical problems. Cisco frequently attempted to use other terms besides “data storage” when discussing their Invicta Series, creating for an ambiguous marketing scheme. The previously mentioned Cisco spokeswoman stated that Cisco had been holding shipments for several months while company addressed such technical issues.

The longtime CEO who served his position for two decades, John Chambers, will be staying with Cisco as executive chairman and will continue to serve as chairman of the board. Taking over as Cisco’s CEO will be Chuck Robbins, who stated in a blog post this week that Cisco would continue focusing on investments which prove to have the biggest potential payoff.

“Part of this ongoing prioritization is ensuring we have the right talent in the right places to drive our strategy and our growth in a very fast-paced market,” said Robbins. “Some functions and geographies across Cisco are making very focused changes to quickly re-align our investments to the top opportunities." Robbins took over the CEO post on July 26, 2015.

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