On June 2 2016, Adam Shah released an article on Computer World about the new Intel Chip. The company is planning to increase the performance of the Intel chips by over 10 percent. These improvements in terms of performance could possibly go up to 20 percent. This kind of improvement fuels the rivalry fire between the two: Intel and AMD.

The chips that will be receiving the 10 to 20 percent improvements will be for the nano meter manufacturing processes. It will be specifically for the 10 and 7 nano meter processes.

AMD’s newest chip will be getting an extra 40 percent boost in terms of improvement which is measured by a metric for CPU performance.

It is common that a lot of the chipmakers don’t see huge advances and improvements in terms of performance however these two chips seem to be the exception.

Although AMD’s chip is improving more in terms of percentages, Intel is focusing its attention elsewhere. Intel is mainly focusing on keeping PCs at a price point that will remain affordable for the public while also keeping battery life at a good level. According to Shah, Intel’s focus has been to make chips smaller as well as reducing overall power consumption and manufacturing costs.

Here’s what Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, had to say about its new attention.

"If you also talk to competitors, they say there's going to be marginal improvements in performance on 10-nm, they are going to go for 7-nm for performance. We plan to have a consistent performance improvement of 10 percent to 20 percent in each one of these nodes."

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Ubiquiti Networks, the American technology company based in San Jose, California is throwing its hat into the ring for a complete whole home Wi-Fi system which includes two range extenders with the purchase of its AmpliFi product. The company is new to the consumer market but as been around since 2005 and is best known for the UniFi series of wireless networking products which focuses on long-range Wi-Fi access points.

 Ubiquiti Networks is synonymous with wireless data communication products that are designed for enterprise and wireless broadband providers with a core competency for focusing on emerging and under-served markets. Ubiquiti Networks is now just getting into the mix for Home Wi-Fi and has to compete primarily with Google’s OnHub which offers a single fix-all-your-problems monolith. AmpliFi is a home edition of Ubiquiti’s Unifi Wi-Fi system which was originally intended for businesses. AmpliFi was designed to blend in with your house and only requires you to introduce the base station to your internet connection. Everything is designed to work right out of the box and comes with a maximum TX power of 22 dBm for the base model.

The other two configurations which are the LR with 24 dBm and the HD with 26 dBm. The AmpliFi system comes with a circular display on the front of the router to inform you of both your download and upload speeds and even comes with an app to help you configure, monitor and provision guest access. The only drawback is the steep price with a quote of just a shade under $200 for a base model that comes with two range extenders. And if you want to go even further and get the AmpliFi HD which comes with full Wi-Fi broadcast strength you will have to shell out a pretty penny at nearly $350. Currently the routers aren’t scheduled to ship out until another six to eight weeks. Ubiquiti has already opened up pre-orders for AmpliFi and Ubiquiti has yet to reveal the prices for the separate Wi-Fi Extenders addons that you can order later on but for the time being that date has not yet been disclosed.

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