A FIFO is a "first in first out" memory buffer between two systems with simultaneous read and write access. It means that the data written into the buffer first comes out of it first. If you’ve ever waited in a line, then you understand how a FIFO functions. FIFOs can be implemented with software or hardware. The choice between a software or hardware solution depends on the application's hard drives and the features desired. FIFO can be either synchronous or asynchronous. The difference between them is that the operation of synchronous FIFO is dependent on the clock, whereas the read/write operation of asynchronous FIFO are alternate to each other.

Synchronous FIFOs are the ideal choice for high-performance systems due to high operating speed. Synchronous FIFOs also offer many other advantages that improve system performance and reduce complexity. These include status flags: synchronous flags, half-full, programmable almost-empty and almost-full flags. These FIFOs also include features such as, width expansion, other memories accesories, and retransmit. Synchronous FIFOs are easier to use at high speeds because they use free-running clocks to time internal operations whereas asynchronous FIFOs require read and write pulses to be generated without an external clock reference. 

An asynchronous FIFO refers to a FIFO where data is written from one clock domain, read from a different clock domain, and the two clocks are asynchronous to each other. It is equipped with control logic that performs management of the read and write pointers, generation of status flags, and optional handshake signals for interfacing with the user logic. The individual read and write ports are fully synchronous, but this FIFO does not require the read and write clocks to be synchronized to each other.

Selecting which FIFO memory works best depends on the performance specifications you require—such as access time, data rate, data setup time, and data hold time. Access time indicates the speed of the memory that begins when the Central Processing Unit (CPU) sends a request to the memory and ends when the CPU receives the data. The data rate—or transfer speed—is the number of bits per second that can be moved internally. The data setup time is the minimum time required for logic levels to be maintained in the input lines, prior to the triggering edge of the clock pulse, in order for the levels to be reliably clocked. The data hold time is the interval required for logic levels to remain on the inputs after the triggering edge of the clock pulse, in order to be reliably clocked into the chip.

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In 2014, Microsoft pulled their support for Windows XP in which they will no longer issue security updates to fix issues with the software. Despite this, any company or agency that is still using Windows XP can pay Microsoft for continued updates. Notably, the United States Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command is still using Windows XP, though the agency is planning to upgrade its systems by July 12, 2016.

However, the upgrade may take additional time which is the reason why the United States Navy has established a contract with Microsoft to pay the software giant approximately $9 million a year for Windows XP support until June 8, 2017.

Since the Navy utilizes several applications and programs that require legacy Windows products, the Windows XP service must be used until the applications and programs are updated or replaced. Though Microsoft is trying to phase out XP in favor of its latest operating system, approximately 44% of corporations are still using Windows XP and nearly 15% of all PCs worldwide are still using the software.

The SPAWAR could be using up to 100,000 machines that are relying on Windows XP. Other government agencies such as the US Army have also recently approved a similar support agreement for more than 8,000 Windows XP devices.

Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on a personal computer. Full-production manufacturing on devices with the software began on August 24, 2001, and the software was released for retail sale on October 25, 2001. The software was preceded by both Windows 2000 and Windows ME and the system was followed by Windows Vista.

Windows XP mainstream support ended on April 14, 2009 and its extended support ended on April 8, 2014. Sales of Windows XP licenses to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ceased on June 30, 2008, but continued for netbooks until October 2010.

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Project Ara’s use of Lattice Semiconductor components allows its users to customize their smartphones on an integrated circuit level, making for unique smartphone experiences for each individual user.

Lattice Semiconductor’s FPGAs help the engineers behind Google’s Project Ara deliver that sort of desired uniqueness. This project empowers its users to have a say in how the device is made, what it does, and how it looks. Never before could you make a choice about your phone’s exact functions and use it to tell a story specifically written by you.

Lattice Semiconductor uses an FPGA for Project Ara known as the LatticeECP3. An FPGA is a field-programmable gate array—an integrated circuit that is designed with the purpose of having a customer or designer configure it after it has been manufactured. This sort of technology is what allows someone other than the manufacturer decide how a device can work.

This specific FPGA was designed with high functionality in mind, while also keeping it at the smallest possible size. It consumes minimal power, is reliable, and lowers the cost of infrastructure equipment. It meets all of your connectivity and expansion needs.

Some of the specific features of LatticeECP3 FGPAs include:
  • Up to 16 channels at 3.125 Gbps
  • 800 MBps DDR3, 1Gbps LVDS
  • Up to 586 programmable sysIO buffers with support for PCI Express, Ethernet (GbE, XAUI, & SGMII), HDMI, SMPTE, Serial Rapid I/O, CPRI and JESD204A/B and more
  • Up to 150 k LUTs and 6.8 Mbits of SRAM
  • Wide array of packages as small as 10.0 mm x 10.0 mm with power consumption below 0.5 W

The ultimate goal of Project Ara—though it a lofty one—is to provide this sort of technology to every adult on earth. Future Modular Developers Kits plan to implement the Lattice ECP5 FPGA.

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PNY Technologies, Inc. is one of the most well-known manufacturer and producer of memory products. Established in 1985, PNY originated in Brooklyn, New York as a memory chip trader. In 1996, the company relocated their headquarters to New Jersey where they established their first manufacturing plant. Currently, PNY has manufacturing plants in Santa Clara, California, and in Bordeaux, France. The company also has main offices in New Jersey, California, Florida, France, and Taiwan.

Remaining as a private company, PNY Technologies is one of the smaller companies in the memory product industry. Although the company maintains an approximate of only 500 employees, their product’s sales and popularity spans worldwide. Despite its size, the company has 30 years of experience working consumers, OEMs, and B2Bs.with PNY Technologies are specialized in memory, graphics technology, and computer peripherals. Product lines include: Flash Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, Memory Upgrades, NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, HDMI cables, DRAM modules, Cables, Chargers, and PowerPacks.

In recent news, PNY Technologies announced the launch of their new USB Flash Drive product called the Duo-Link OTG USB Flash Drive. The innovative Duo-Link OTG holds both a micro-USB connector and a USB connector which will allow users to transfer files to and from an Android device and a PC. Available in a capacity of 16GB and 32GB, the drive will also feature a capless swing design and micro sized dimensions at 30mm x 10mm x 5mm.

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PCB Memory - The Main Storage Area of an Operating System: PCB memory, which stands for process control block memory, is the heart of an operating system. PCB memory, also known as task control block or switch frame, is the data structure that stores information about a process in a computer system. The process control block is the central storage of information. This storage area allows the operating system to locate and keep track of all the key information about the process. What Types of Data PCB Memory Manage? A process control block memory also manages computing resources and different types of data as well. This type of data includes:

  • Process identification data
  • Processor data
  • Process control data
  • CPU scheduling information
  • Program counter
  • I/O status information
  • Accounting information

In a computer system, PCB’s are very crucial to process management and performance monitoring. They keep track of the process when the CPU switches form one process to another. This type of memory is considered so important to the computer operating system that it is stored in an area of memory that is protected from access by normal users. Well-Known Manufacturers of PCB Memory: The biggest manufacturers within the electronic and computing industry that supply process control block memory include:
  • Canon
  • Cisco Memory
  • Molex
  • NCR Corporation
  • Motorola
  • NEC Corporation

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CTS Corporation - The Company Growing at an Impressive Speed:

CTS Corporation first started as the Chicago Telephone Supply Company in 1896. The company was started by a father and son team, A.J and George A. Briggs that partnered with S.A. Buffington, a Chicago Lawyer. Buffington sold his part of the company within 1 year of opening the company. The company started off by manufacturing and selling telephones through a local supply house. What was a small company turned into a large workforce of 250 employees within only 6 years of its opening.

CTS Corporation has been able to grow because it has been able to adapt to the evolving markets such as expanding from only manufacturing telephones to manufacturing telephone switchboards. By 1910, the corporation had a variety of telephone models and also 20 different types of switchboards.

The company adapted to the public’s demand once again during the late 1940s when they began to manufacture a variable resistors and switches for the new television markets. With the introduction of the television to America, CTS Corporation was able to dramatically increase its sales by manufacturing variable resistor components for televisions.

Know about the Company’s Major Acquisitions: In 1960 the Chicago Telephone Supply Changed its name to CTS Corporation because they believed it was a better fit since manufacturing telephones was not their main focus. A milestone for the company was when they went public on June 4, 1962 on the New York Stock Exchange.

After going public, CTS Corporation made a few acquisitions that widen their horizons which include:

  • 1953: a manufacturer business in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada
  • 1980: a manufacturer business of connector and backplanes
  • 1990: the Component Products Division of Motorola, Inc.
  • 2008: Tusonix, Inc.

The acquisitions of CTS Corporation gave the corporation leadership in designing and manufacturing sensors and actuators, and electronic products for a variety of markets. Those markets include automotive, communications, medical, industrial, defense & aerospace, and computer.

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C&K Components: The Best in the Industry with perfect Solutions:

C&K Components specializes in interface and switch technology as well as smart card and high reliability connector products.

List of C&K Components Rich Portfolio of Products:

Since its inception in 1957, C&K attracts customers with leading edge technology, C&K products include:

  • Low profile tactile switches
  • Navigation switches; spring finger, ultra-thin. TPA, one touch 5 way switching. RS and QS, rocker switch modules are installed into front panels, multi-function grips. TSW, 3 or 7 function tact and scroll wheel. CS, four way adjustable direction switch.
  • Detect switches; HDT, micro mini surface mount detect switch. SDP, micro miniature pendulum smt detect switch. SDS, sides actuated detects switches. DDS, micro mini thru-hole detect switch.
  • Pushbutton switches
  • Rotary
  • Key switches; K6, miniature key switch. K12, high performance key switch. PVA, short stroke key switch. PVB, lower profile SMT push switches. KS, single pole key switch.
  • Slide switches; 1000, AYZ, ES, GS, JS, JSM, JSX, OS, LP, L.
  • Toggle switches; toggle switches designed for military, aerospace and other high-reliability applications.
  • DIP; BD, standard profile switch. BPA, side actuated switch. CRD, 100MM DIP coded rotary switches. SD. Lower profile. SPA, single in-line package switch. TDA, ultra-miniarute surface mount half-pitch switch.
  • Illuminated switches
  • Sealed switches

The Company that Aims for a Complete Customer Satisfaction:

As an ISO 9001-registered company, C&K strives for unbroken customer enjoyment through continuous improvement and defect-free performance by means of a high percentage of automated assembly, ongoing training programs, internal audit teams, Six-Sigma design methodology, process capability analysis, statistical process control and supplier quality initiatives.

As the favored manufacturer of components for computers and peripherals, communication devices, consumer, industrial and appliance products, instrumentation and test equipment, and automotive products and assemblies, C&K services many companies and distributors worldwide. C&K has the three industry's leading suppliers: C&K Components of Newton MA, USA; the Rudolf Schadow Company of Berlin, Germany; and the Jeanrenaud switch company of Dole, France.

Know About the Distinguished Distributor of C&K Components:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all C&K Components. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or at our toll free number 1-714-705-4780 and one of our experienced sales representatives will be ready to assist you.

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Supporting Multifarious Industries By Providing Reliable Memory Solutions:

Centon Electronics is an American manufacturer, privately headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. Centon was founded in 1978 by Gene Miscione, who is the current President and CEO. As a multinational computer technology corporation, they develop, manufacture, sell, and support flash memory products and other computer connected memory products. The company became the largest IC distributor in the nation before changing its business model to the design, supply and manufacturing of products.

Centon's DRAM and Flash Based Products:

Centon's core competency is their DRAM and Flash based products, including memory modules, flash cards, USB flash drives, and solid state drives (SSD).

  • DRAM
    • Random access memory. A type of memory element used to store information in a computer system.
  • Flash Cards
    • A small flash memory module. A non-volatile memory device that retains its data after the power is removed.

Centon's goal is to grow and increase its worldwide position as a manufacturer with its partners, incorporating the newest technologies into the company's product offerings, while continuing the highest possible standards that have kept Centon strong since 1978.

Know About the Distinguished Distributor of Centon's Products: ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all Centon’s Memory products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or at our toll free number 11-714-705-4780 and one of our experienced sales representatives will be ready to assist you.

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Black Box Network Services: - Delivering Solutions for Improving Communications:

Black Box Network Services, headquartered in Lawrence, Pennsylvania, is a provider of communications and infrastructure solutions. Founded in 1975, Black Box Network Services continues to be focused on delivering high-quality products and solutions with a continued commitment to technical support and service.

Possess Unmatched Excellence in Selling Below Product Line:

Black Box is a qualified supplier of the following products:

  • Cable: with over 15,000 cabling solutions, you are assured to find what you required.
    • Fiber patch cable
    • Fiber bulk cable
    • Copper patch cables
    • Audio/video cables

Black Box's broad multimedia library of cabling resources can help you get the most from your communications and infrastructure network.

  • Cabinets & Racks; customize to your specifications, and with protection of a lifetime.
    • Full-size IT cabinets
    • Cable management
    • Wall mount & specialty
    • Cabinet accessories
    • Racks
  • Digital Signage
    • Icompel s series 2U Publisher
    • Monitors & Displays
    • Presentation Tools
    • A/V cables
    • Icompel EDS enterprises signage
  • KVM
    • Extenders
    • desktop
  • Cooling solutions
  • Video & Multimedia
    • Extenders
    • Switches
    • Baluns
    • Adapters
  • Jacks, Panels, & Hardware
    • Copper patch panels
    • Connectors
    • adapters
  • Networking
    • Wireless
    • Switches
    • Media converters

Consider Partnering with Black Box Network Services at the Earliest:

Finding the right product for your request has never been easier. As the largest provider of communication solutions, Black Box makes your communications network work for you. Black Box designs, installs, and maintains solutions that encompass cloud, contact center, maintenance, messaging, mobility, traditional, telephony, unified, and many more services.

Black Box also offers a committed service to meet your infrastructure needs, consisting of Wi-Fi, Data Center, CATV & Video, Data Networking, Structured Cabling Technology, and Wireless Bridges. They design and maintain all types of data infrastructures. What started as a technology product Catalog Company has grown to a $1 billion communications systems integrator and technology provider? Today, Black Box Services continues to seek out the best products and solutions in communications system integrator and technology.

Source the Company's Products from Prominent Distributor:

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Bourns Inc. was founded in 1952 by the co-founders Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. Bourns Inc. started off as a small business and today is a large corporation whose products are used in nearly every aspect of today's electronics industry.

The corporation was started with the invention of the first miniature motion and vane position potentiometers, potentiometers measure the displacement of moving mechanical parts. The corporation today is headquartered in Riverside, California but has fourteen other facilities around the world.

Today their products are found in automobiles, cellular telephones, notebook computers, implanted x-ray sensors for cancer treatment and even the vehicle found on Mars. Bourns Inc. has been able to grow because they provide top quality products and value their customers. Bourns Inc. also has grown because of investing in research and development. Their current CEO is the son of the founders, Gordon Bourns.

Bourns Inc. Product's Application Areas:

Today Bourns Inc. product lines are used in the following applications:

  • Automotive technologies:
    • Bourns Inc offers sensors for both the automotive vehicles and commercial vehicles. Some of the different type of sensors includes the following: transmission sensor, headlight sensors, motor position sensor, differential angle sensor, combo sensor, steering sensor and etc.
  • Consumer Electronics:
    • Bourns Inc. offers products such as a surge protector that is used in consumer electronics such as computer notebooks, cellular phones, personal digital assistants and digital cameras.
  • Lighting:
    • Bourns Inc. offers lighting solutions such as power resistors, diodes, shunt protectors, resettable fuses, and power inductors. These products are used as current control in welding, heaters, power steering and many more.
  • Medical Technology:
    • For the medical Technology, Bourns products can be found in instruments that diagnose patients, surgical equipment, and infusion pumps.
  • Mobile & Personal Computing:
    • The mobile & personal computing products are used in fast comm ports, global positioning systems, high speed comm ports, laptop computers, and telecommunications.
  • Network Communications:
    • Bourns offers products such as ceramic PTC products, diodes, gas discharge tubes, multifuse PTC resettable fuses, thin film on silicon networks and etc.
  • Office Machines:
    • The products used in office machines are used to build better office machines, and are used in printers, copiers, video conferencing equipment and intercom systems.
  • Industrial & Instrumentation:
    • Bourn offers products used in a variety of applications such as automation control panels, bar code scanners, communication equipment, equipment controls, forklifts & material handling and etc.
  • Telecommunications:
    • Bourn offers product that ease the communication of voice and high-speed data. Some of the products include supply voltage, hoot switch protection and etc.

Who is the Leading Distributor of Bourns Products?

At ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP-Memory, is a leading distributor of all Bourns Inc. products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or call us at 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.

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