As the first bank established in Australia, Westpac Bank has almost 12 million customers. Then in 2008, Westpac merged with St. George Bank. As a result, a major network consolidating program was needed. When it came time to consolidate its data center and network virtualization, the Westpac Banking Corporation turned to Avaya’s VENA Fabric Connect Technology.

First, the St. George disaster recover data center needed to be moved to a new location in Western Sydney. A high-speed Ethernet connection was also required between the centers to replicate the existing services before gradually relocating the physical servers. The traditional approach would be a complex and risky process that would provision virtual local area networks (VLAN) on every edge, distribution, and core switch between data centers. The existing vendor was asked to provide a new design after the original proposal failed. But the new plan wouldn’t meet the deadlines and required double the hardware.

Since St. George had previously used Avaya’s networking solutions, they turned to them for an alternative proposal. The proposed solution was to use Avaya’s Fabric Connect network virtualization utilizing their Shortest Path Bridging-based technology to span all their data centers. Fabric Connect simplifies network design, deployment and management by creating a “network fabric” within and between data centers. Switches automatically learn and adjust to the shortest paths through the Ethernet network. The solution involved deploying two new Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 systems. It took just 15 minutes to bridge the networks between all three data centers. The initial roll out of the system was completed in May 2013.

Using Avaya to virtualize your network eliminates cumbersome manual tasks and reduces overall IT operating expenses. Security features are integrated to safely segment data and create a unified solution that converges data, voice, video, and storage. The system allows for service changes to be implemented in real time, up to 27 times faster than historical networking.

Avaya is a global provider of communication solutions. Companies of all sizes around the world can utilize their unified communication contact centers, networking and related services. If you’re in the market for Avaya networking products, ASAP Memory (a proprietary website of ASAP Semiconductor) is a premier distributor of Avaya equipment. ASAP Memory stocks a variety of both obsolete and current equipment and specializes in procuring hard-to-find items. Browse our selection at or email us at for more information or to request a quote.

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French global telecommunications equipment company Alcatel-Lucent has teamed with British satellite company Inmarsat to develop Long-Term Evolution (LTE) air-to-ground technology.

This new, fully-integrated telecommunications network is set to deliver high-speed broadband services to commercial and business aviation passengers across the European Union. It is scheduled to be put in circulation by the end of 2016, and the one-of-a-kind network would give Europe the most modern passenger aviation connectivity.

The capabilities of the network will surpass those available in North America—offering in-flight broadband connectivity rates of 75 Mbps. The satellite communications teamed with the LTE ground infrastructure make it the first true hybrid aviation network, according to Inmarsat. Inmarsat Aviation's president, Leo Mondale, believes travelers will embrace the new technology, as it “[offers] their passengers access to online services for work or leisure using their own devices and with reliability and speeds previously only available on the ground."

With 4G-LTE, first responders can communicate, collaborate and operate with each other, no matter where they are or what device they are using—thus, improving and offering quicker and more precise communication.

The Alcatel-Lucent end-to-end Public Safety LTE solution is based on the lightRadio LTE RAN equipment and operates in:

  • The 380-470 MHz band: Evercor, the Integrated LTE 400 PMR solution developed in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space enables a smooth introduction of broadband services into existing TETRA /TETRAPOL networks
  • The 700 MHz (band 14) for North America: Mobile Broadband for FirstNet in US and for Canada
  • Any other commercial bands ranging from 700 MHz to 2,6 GHz in countries where such spectrum can be used by Public Safety

With so many different ways to connect, it’s no wonder why these two communication giants are trying to lead the way in connectivity during flights. Whether it be for an emergency, or someone who just wants to stay up to date, they are making it all the more possible with these advancements in air-to-ground technology.

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading supplier of Alcatel-Lucent. Prospective customers can browse our inclusive inventory of hard-to-find obsolete and current Alcatel-Lucent parts—ranging from switches to modules and more—at If you are interested in a part, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at or 714-705-4780 for a quote.

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