SwiftStack Finds a Solution to the Short Term and Long Term Problem of Data Backup

When computers where invented their hardware parts were massive compared to what we have today, processing systems and memory storage would take the space of a room. Now a day what used to take the space of an entire room can fit inside your pocket, however, companies that are involved in high data processing even today and with how advanced computer hardware’s have become, it still may be an issue. Storing data for some companies, businesses and research facilities can be overwhelming and finding a solution is very critical. The Oklahoma Medial Research Foundation is facing a storage problem with their complex scientific data collection and they are looking for storage and backup solutions with SwuftStack object storage.

The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation needs this storage to continue their research freely, their research covers areas of Cardiovascular, cancer and aging disease. Their institute is being supported by SwiftStack and data storage problem is going to be solved short term as well as long term as research continues and data storage is needed. SwiftStack storage capacity can be very high and store almost 1 PB of data, this approximately measured to be 350 TB. 2oo TB can be used as for new data and 150 TB can be used for backup purposes.

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