Centon DDR3

Supporting Multifarious Industries By Providing Reliable Memory Solutions:

Centon Electronics is an American manufacturer, privately headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. Centon was founded in 1978 by Gene Miscione, who is the current President and CEO. As a multinational computer technology corporation, they develop, manufacture, sell, and support flash memory products and other computer connected memory products. The company became the largest IC distributor in the nation before changing its business model to the design, supply and manufacturing of products.

Centon's DRAM and Flash Based Products:

Centon's core competency is their DRAM and Flash based products, including memory modules, flash cards, USB flash drives, and solid state drives (SSD).

  • DRAM
    • Random access memory. A type of memory element used to store information in a computer system.
  • Flash Cards
    • A small flash memory module. A non-volatile memory device that retains its data after the power is removed.

Centon's goal is to grow and increase its worldwide position as a manufacturer with its partners, incorporating the newest technologies into the company's product offerings, while continuing the highest possible standards that have kept Centon strong since 1978.

Know About the Distinguished Distributor of Centon's Products: ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all Centon’s Memory products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or at our toll free number 11-714-705-4780 and one of our experienced sales representatives will be ready to assist you.

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Black Box Network

Black Box Network Services: - Delivering Solutions for Improving Communications:

Black Box Network Services, headquartered in Lawrence, Pennsylvania, is a provider of communications and infrastructure solutions. Founded in 1975, Black Box Network Services continues to be focused on delivering high-quality products and solutions with a continued commitment to technical support and service.

Possess Unmatched Excellence in Selling Below Product Line:

Black Box is a qualified supplier of the following products:

  • Cable: with over 15,000 cabling solutions, you are assured to find what you required.
    • Fiber patch cable
    • Fiber bulk cable
    • Copper patch cables
    • Audio/video cables

Black Box's broad multimedia library of cabling resources can help you get the most from your communications and infrastructure network.

  • Cabinets & Racks; customize to your specifications, and with protection of a lifetime.
    • Full-size IT cabinets
    • Cable management
    • Wall mount & specialty
    • Cabinet accessories
    • Racks
  • Digital Signage
    • Icompel s series 2U Publisher
    • Monitors & Displays
    • Presentation Tools
    • A/V cables
    • Icompel EDS enterprises signage
  • KVM
    • Extenders
    • desktop
  • Cooling solutions
  • Video & Multimedia
    • Extenders
    • Switches
    • Baluns
    • Adapters
  • Jacks, Panels, & Hardware
    • Copper patch panels
    • Connectors
    • adapters
  • Networking
    • Wireless
    • Switches
    • Media converters

Consider Partnering with Black Box Network Services at the Earliest:

Finding the right product for your request has never been easier. As the largest provider of communication solutions, Black Box makes your communications network work for you. Black Box designs, installs, and maintains solutions that encompass cloud, contact center, maintenance, messaging, mobility, traditional, telephony, unified, and many more services.

Black Box also offers a committed service to meet your infrastructure needs, consisting of Wi-Fi, Data Center, CATV & Video, Data Networking, Structured Cabling Technology, and Wireless Bridges. They design and maintain all types of data infrastructures. What started as a technology product Catalog Company has grown to a $1 billion communications systems integrator and technology provider? Today, Black Box Services continues to seek out the best products and solutions in communications system integrator and technology.

Source the Company's Products from Prominent Distributor:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all Black Box Network Services products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or at our toll free number 1-714-705-4780 and one of our experienced sales representatives will be ready to assist you.

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burns inc potentiometers

Bourns Inc. was founded in 1952 by the co-founders Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. Bourns Inc. started off as a small business and today is a large corporation whose products are used in nearly every aspect of today's electronics industry.

The corporation was started with the invention of the first miniature motion and vane position potentiometers, potentiometers measure the displacement of moving mechanical parts. The corporation today is headquartered in Riverside, California but has fourteen other facilities around the world.

Today their products are found in automobiles, cellular telephones, notebook computers, implanted x-ray sensors for cancer treatment and even the vehicle found on Mars. Bourns Inc. has been able to grow because they provide top quality products and value their customers. Bourns Inc. also has grown because of investing in research and development. Their current CEO is the son of the founders, Gordon Bourns.

Bourns Inc. Product's Application Areas:

Today Bourns Inc. product lines are used in the following applications:

  • Automotive technologies:
    • Bourns Inc offers sensors for both the automotive vehicles and commercial vehicles. Some of the different type of sensors includes the following: transmission sensor, headlight sensors, motor position sensor, differential angle sensor, combo sensor, steering sensor and etc.
  • Consumer Electronics:
    • Bourns Inc. offers products such as a surge protector that is used in consumer electronics such as computer notebooks, cellular phones, personal digital assistants and digital cameras.
  • Lighting:
    • Bourns Inc. offers lighting solutions such as power resistors, diodes, shunt protectors, resettable fuses, and power inductors. These products are used as current control in welding, heaters, power steering and many more.
  • Medical Technology:
    • For the medical Technology, Bourns products can be found in instruments that diagnose patients, surgical equipment, and infusion pumps.
  • Mobile & Personal Computing:
    • The mobile & personal computing products are used in fast comm ports, global positioning systems, high speed comm ports, laptop computers, and telecommunications.
  • Network Communications:
    • Bourns offers products such as ceramic PTC products, diodes, gas discharge tubes, multifuse PTC resettable fuses, thin film on silicon networks and etc.
  • Office Machines:
    • The products used in office machines are used to build better office machines, and are used in printers, copiers, video conferencing equipment and intercom systems.
  • Industrial & Instrumentation:
    • Bourn offers products used in a variety of applications such as automation control panels, bar code scanners, communication equipment, equipment controls, forklifts & material handling and etc.
  • Telecommunications:
    • Bourn offers product that ease the communication of voice and high-speed data. Some of the products include supply voltage, hoot switch protection and etc.

Who is the Leading Distributor of Bourns Products?

At ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP-Memory, is a leading distributor of all Bourns Inc. products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or call us at 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.

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What are FPGA Memory Cards?

Within the computing and electronic industry, FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array. This type of memory operates as an integrated circuit which is designed to be configured by the end user upon purchase. This is why this type of memory is referred to as field-programmable, which means the firmware (read only memory) can be modified without disassembling the device or returning it to its original equipment manufacturer. FPGA has large resources of logic blocks, which is data stored on a disk, to implement complex digital computations. These properties of memory include several memory elements, which range from simple flips-flops to complete blocks of memory. Altera Corporation - The Premier Manufacturer of FPGA Memory Cards: Within the electronic industry, one example of a manufacturer that has an extensive line of FPGA memory cards is Altera Corporation. Altera is considered the pioneer of programmable logic solutions. The products that Altera supplies enable systems and semiconductor companies to rapidly and cost effectively win in their markets. When it comes to FPGA memory cards Altera supplies three different series, which include:
  • Stratix 10
  • Arria 10
  • Cyclone V

The Stratix 10 lines are high-end FPGA memory cards, which offer two times the core performance. Within the Stratix 10 line there are four different series of FPGA memory cards consumers can purchase.

The Arria 10 line offers optimal performance and power efficiency for midrange FPGA’s and SoCs memory cards as well as three times higher system performance. Overall the Arria 10 line is reinventing the midrange FPGA memory cards and there are three different series provided. The Cyclone V line provides industry’s lowest system cost and power. Within this line there are four different series.

Avail FPGA Memory Cards from Renowned Distributer: ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of FPGA memory cards, boasting a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or at (714) 705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Bel power

About the Business and Core Competency of Bel:

Bel has been in business for over 60 years and has provided various electronic devices. The company specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sale of products that are used in the networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, and transportation markets.

Bel has consistently proven itself as being a manufacture that develops the most cost-effective solutions. Bel combines its strength in product design with its special designed manufacturing facilities that establish them as a formidable competitor on a global basis.

A Varity of Connectors at Cost-effective Prices:

Bel’s current divisions and brands consist of the following:

  • Interconnect-array connectors:
    • The interconnect circuit protection portfolio offers the broadest ranges of circuit protection products. They are used on small hand held devices. The connectors consist of Brick SMT fuse; brick SMT in clips, chip SMT fuse, PTC SMT device, PTC radial device, radial 250/277V, radial 600v, 5 by 15mm axial, 3 by 7mm axial, and 5 by 20mm and 1/4in by 11/4in.
  • Circuit protection:
    • The circuit protection line includes PCB mount 277v radial fuses, and standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses that include axial leading board mounted options. The line consists of the following: brick SMT fuse, brick SMT in clips, chip SMT fuse, PTC SMT device, PTC radial device, radial 250/277V, radial 600v, and 5 by 15 mm axial.
  • Magnetics:
    • Bel Magnetics products include one of the broadest ranges of magnetic-bases solutions for high-speed networking and computer applications. The line consists of LAN magnetic, telecom magnetic, power line, magjacks, SMD power inductors and linear transformers.
  • Power Conversion:
    • The power conversion portfolio includes one of the broadest ranges of DC/DC converter modules on the market today. The portfolio consists of: isolated brick converters, non-isolated converters, power controllers, and specialty components.
  • Interconnect-Cinch Connectors & Stewart Connector:
    • Bel’s connectors are used in the aerospace, military, defense, industrial and electronics.
  • Fibreco-Expanded Fiber Optic Interconnect:
    • The fiber optic connector and cable assemblies are used for harsh environments. The portfolio consists of mini, junior, senior, maxi and F900.
  • GigaCom Interconnect-Expanded Fiber Optic Interconnect:
    • The fiber optic interconnects are used in the following applications: daisy-chaining of tactical fiber cables, HD live broadcasting equipment, military tactical communications systems, mining control and communication systems, and petrochemical plant installations.
  • Linear Transformers-Signal Transformers:
    • The signal transformers portfolio consists of the following product line three phase, class 2, toroidal, super high efficiency, safety isolation, buck boost, auto transformers, and chokes/inductors.
  • SMD Power Inductors-Signal Transformers:
    • The signal transformers introduce a new series of high efficiency shielded and non-shielded surface mount power inductors. The line consist of the following: unshielded, shielded, low current unshielded, low current shielded, low EMI, high current unshielded, high current shielded, low profile unshielded, low profile shielded.

ASAP Semiconductor Your Know-How Distributor of Bel Products:

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP- Memory, is a leading distributor of all Bel Fuse products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or call us at 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.

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Adata Technology

Committed to Customer Satisfaction:

ADATA Technology started in 2001 with only 20 employees. The company is a worldwide leader in providing DRAM memory and flash application products. ADATA is able to stand out from its competitors by providing eye catching product designs and providing commitment to professionalism. The company understands the social responsibility of complying with stringent manufacturing specification and quality inspection processes to meet its customers’ satisfaction. ADATA’s facility is ISO14001 certified on environmental management and the EU restriction of hazardous substances directive. The company is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan but also has regional offices worldwide located in China, India, Korea, North America, Netherlands, and Russia. ADATA Technology is committed to embedding the finest quality, on-time delivery and continuous quality improvement to provide its customers with satisfying products and services. Huge Inventory of High-Notch Memory Products: ADATA’s Technology product lines consist of the following:
  • USB flash drives:
    • The USB flash drive segment consists of two series: USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.
  • External Storage:
    • The external storage segment also consists of two series: USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. The hard drives are available in a wide array of capacities to provide external storage and data backup.
  • Memory Cards:
    • The memory card product line consists of the following series: SD series, microSD series, and card readers. The memory cards are ideal for storage solutions to digital cameras, mobile phones, game consoles, PDA and many other digital devices that come with a card slot.
  • Solid State Drives:
    • The solid state drives product line consists of the following series: server SSD, SATAT III 6 GB/s, SATA II 3 GB/s, and, mSATA. The solid state drives use new optimized firmware to utilize greater storage capacity of the NAND flash components.
  • DRAM modules:
    • The DRAM module line consists of the following series: gaming V2.0, XPG V2, and XPG V1.0.

Why must you associate with ASAP Semiconductor?

ADATA Technology is committed in providing the finest quality and services to complete customer’s satisfaction. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all ADATA Technology products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or call us at 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.

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Graphic Cards

Graphic Cards are Bringing Life to the Computing Industry

In the computing industry, a graphic card, also referred to as a video card, is designed as a special circuit board. This special circuit board operates by controlling what is shown on a computer monitor. Graphic cards work alongside motherboards for connection in order to gather data and power. With the assistance of graphic cards, microprocessors decide what to do with each pixel memory.  There are two types of images that graphic cards display.

  • 2D image
    • Images that appear on Windows desktops
  • 3D images
    •  Images one would see on a computer game.

How does a Graphic Card Operate?

Graphic cards operate by first creating a wire frame out of a straight line and then rasterizing the image. Once the graphic card rasterizes the image, it then adds lighting, texture, and color.

List of Industry Known Graphic Cards Manufacturers

Some companies that manufacture or produce graphic cards include:

  • Acer
  • Compaq
  • Gateway
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Jaton Corporation

There are also many other manufacturers that carry different lines of graphic cards besides the ones listed above. In today’s computing industry, graphic cards are considered in high demand.

ASAP Semiconductor - The Most Reliable Source for Graphic Cards

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of graphic card products that many companies within the computing industry operate with. We boast a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com or at (714) 705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Axiom Memory

Axiom Memory Solutions Guarantee Products for Life

In 1995, Axiom Memory Solutions was founded as an independent memory module provider. Over the next two decades, the company grew rapidly to become a leading supplier of technology solutions for memory, flash, storage, battery upgrades, and networking connectivity throughout the industry, which includes OEMS, contract manufacturers, distributors, and IT resellers. Today, they are headquartered in Irvine, California, but have expanded operations as one of the fastest growing memory and fiber-optic connectivity upgrades provider across various market segments. Their specialty is in providing lower integration costs and value-added support to complement their design, manufacturing, testing, and other high-performance technology solutions.

Know about their Product Line

Their current product line encompasses a number of categories:

  • Memory modules
  • Storage solutions
  • Networking transceivers
  • Fiber and copper cabling
  • Flash
  • Battery upgrades

Axiom Memory Solutions Products’ Application Areas

These support a very broad range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Enterprise and high-performance computing
  • Networking and telecommunication connectivity
  • Enterprise direct attached and distributed storage
  • Mobility
  • Personal computing upgrades

Why Axiom Memory Solutions?

In regards to memory products specifically, which is an Axiom product line that ASAP Semiconductor carries, Axiom supports a range of DRAM technologies that include the DDR3, DDR2, DDR, and SDRAM. The company also carries everything from SO-DIMMs for mobile devices to registered DDR3 DIMMS for enterprise high performance servers. These products undergo advanced testing to ensure 100% compatibility with all system-specific or industry standards. Axiom also attempts to differentiate itself from other memory suppliers on the market by providing value-added support, all of which is advertised to be competitively priced and vigorously tested.

  • Top end components
    • Competitive pricing
    • Advanced testing
    • Industry standard system specifications
    • Ensured reliability
  • Perfect design specifications
    • Meet or exceeds OEM specifications
    • Ensures computer system is producing at its fullest potential
    • Design specifications to optimize the memory that gets installed
  • Compatibility guaranteed
    • Use of an upgrade configuration to ensure you find the most compatible memory for your needs
  • Lifetime warranty
    • Every memory module has a lifetime Axiom warranty to be free of defects

Choose the Best and Appropriate from ASAP Semiconductor

Are you looking for the latest memory module to support your newest system? Do you need an older memory product to keep older systems running? ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP Memory, is a leading distributor of all Axiom products, including both the latest as well as obsolete models. We carry a comprehensive inventory of everything from DDR3 memory to SDRAM. Contact us today at sales@asap-memory.com and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you.

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Avant Technology

Associate with Avant Technology for any memory need:

Avant Technology is a leading manufacturer and provider of DRAM memory modules and flash sub-assemblies. Avant memory solutions are known to fulfill various business and consumer needs. Avant Technology has decades of experience in producing quality modular products to the memory industry.

Although this company is based in Austin, Texas and manufactures all their products in the United States, they are a worldwide provider. They were founded in 1984 in Southern California before moving to Texas the same year and acquiring AMS (Austin Manufacturing Services) in 1996.

They then acquired Piiceon, which was a memory module distributor in 1998. The next year, they acquired Tanisys Technology and re-named it to Avant Technology. In the years to follow, they began membership with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), acquired US Technology, and acquired K-Byte.

Product categories in a brief:

Avant Technology has the following memory products:

  • Solid State Drives
-          The Avant SSD combines fast performance with high reliability. It is energy efficient and vibration free. -          SSD’s include the following:
  • Mobile 2.5
  • Mobile 1.8
  • Client 2.5
  • Client 1.8
  • MO 297
  • MO 300
  • Value 2.5
  • PCle X2
  • DDR3 Modules
-          ECC RDIMM -          UDIMM -          VLP DIMM -          SODIMM -          SORDIMM -          Mini DIMM -          VLP Mini DIMM
  • DDR2 Modules
-          UDIMM -          RDIMM -          VLP RDIMM -          SODIMM -          SOCDIMM -          FBDIMM -          Mini DIMM -          VLP Mini DIMM
  • DDR Modules
-          UDIMM -          ECC UPIMM -          RDIMM -          SODIMM -          ECC SODIMM
  • SDR Modules
-          UDIMM -          SODIMM -          ECC UDIMM -          ECC RDIMM
  • Legacy Modules
-          EDO -          FPM

Delivering services beyond your expectations:

Some value-added services that Avant offers are product developing, OEM manufacturing, testing and validation, account management and custom packaging. Avant has the capacity to produce a product from a customer concept to production in just one week.

They can produce custom high-density memory and storage solutions to match any performance and application requirements one many have. Avant offers contract manufacturing as well as custom, high volume, and turn-key memory services. In-line and off-line test equipment is used to verify the functionality of all their products being manufactured.

They are tested for compatibility of both Mac and PC systems and in customer-specific platforms. Avant customers receive personalized account management by Avant’s experienced sales representatives. They also make sure to offer speedy product delivery and factory-direct pricing. Lastly, Avant Technology can provide custom packaging, private labeling and laser etching for any customer need.

ASAP Semiconductor - The name that stands out:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website www.asap-memory.com, is a leading distributor of all Avant Technology products, specializing in their memory product line. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-memory.com and one of our experienced sales staff will be ready to assist you with your needs.

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DDR Memory

DDR SDRAM stands for double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory. It is memory integrated circuit that is used in computers. The DDR was designed to use a clock signal to synchronize things. The memory for this part transfers two data chunks per clock cycle.

The DDR SDRAM has been superseded by the DDR2 SDRAM and by DDR3 SDRAM because of their faster capabilities. The SDRAM supports the transferring of data of the device it is supporting by doubling the memory chip’s data throughput. The DDR2 is designed to work at 400 MHz with 800 memories. The DDR3 is designed to work at 666.6 MHz with 1333 memories.

Identify the industry best manufacturers and distributors

In today’s electronic industry there are a number of manufactures that produce or distribute the DDR2 and DDR3. One example of a manufacture that ASAP Semiconductor partners with that produces these types of memories that are used in computers is EP Memory. This company is considered a leading supplier of digital flash storage and memory upgrade products. EP Memory has more than seventeen years of experience in the industry manufacturing products to channel partners, resellers and original equipment manufacturers. All of the memory products that EP Memory design are manufactured to JEEC standards to ensure they meet and exceed all original manufactures specifications.

Another manufacture that ASAP Semiconductor partners with that manufactures DDR memories is SK Hynix, which is considered the second largest manufacturer of memory semiconductor. Besides the DDR memory SK Hynix also produces computing, consumer, graphics and mobile memory.

ASAP Semiconductor is also a leading distributor of DDR Memory parts, boasting a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. If you have a demand for any of these parts, please contact us today and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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